5 Beauty Products You Should Stop Using Now

A lot of the time, what you shouldn’t use is rather subjective.

For example, you should not use glycolic acid if you have rosacea, but that is not a hard and fast rule for everyone. 

The same can extend to your makeup use. For example, if you have lighter skin, you might want to avoid certain color schemes that might wash you out. It can really depend upon the person and what they like or feel confident wearing. 


That said, there are a few makeup products that you should stop using across the board, and we’re here to talk about them. 

Product #1: Non-cruelty-free products

This should go without saying, but your skincare is in the best hands when it is made ethically.

Being an ethical consumer means that you are considering the process that the company practices to get that product to your door.

If you find out that your makeup is tested on animals, made with animal products, or harms/kills animals in any way, you are not buying a product from a company that cares about the wellbeing of our planet.

In the world of wellness, skincare companies should care about the wellbeing of our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. Be careful.

Product #2: Glittery / shimmery eyeshadow

This might be a “hot take,” but glittery and shimmery eyeshadow is not in style anymore. It can look tacky and does not often cover the base of your eyelid well enough to look consistent.

It can also distract from the fabulous glow you have achieved on your skin itself.

Rock the highlighter on your cheekbones instead and don’t bother with glittery eyeshadow. 

Remember, we do not try to look younger, but we try to look modern! We can do this by keeping up with style and always going for the classiest fashion moves.

Product #3: Makeup designed without mature skin in mind

If your makeup was not designed with mature skin in mind, it won’t do you any favors.

It might dry you out, seep into your fine lines and wrinkles, and will not likely protect your skin from the needs of today.

Shop products that have been designed with mature skin in mind and you will find that they can actually help step up your skincare game as well.

For example, Fièra Cosmetics products are made with mature skin in mind and they can give you fabulous coverage while also protecting and preserving your skin. 

Product #4: The foundation you wore in your 20s

You are not in your 20s anymore, and neither should your makeup be.

At this stage of life, you have different skin-related problems in need of addressing, and likely a different style anyway.

Don’t hold yourself back by getting stuck in the past. Thank your foundation for its wonderful service, and move on to a better, mature-friendly option.

Product #5: Face scrubs & makeup wipes

Face scrubs contain larger beads that actually rip your pores rather than cleaning them out. Avoid face scrubs at all costs.

Of course, you can still exfoliate, but be sure to do so with a product that is gentle on mature skin.

Likewise, do not use makeup wipes. The pull alone from the wipe can cause fine lines, and they tend to irritate the skin. Rather, use a liquid solution and a cotton ball to gently remove any makeup you may be wearing.

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