Fièra Neck Roller

Fièra Rose Quartz Face & Neck Roller is the naturally effective skincare solution for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin tone, and tightening up your skin to create the most beautiful, youngest version of you… without using a single ingredient.

  • Reduces Puffiness, Fine Lines, And Wrinkles
  • Evens Out Skin Tone & Promotes Circulation
  • Tightens And Firms The Skin
  • Helps Skin Absorb Serums & Creams


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Customer Reviews

Fièra Neck Roller

Women are loving this double-sided rose-quartz roller for reducing dark circles and eye puffiness with the small end and improving the signs of aging with the large.

This natural solution is simple, yet effective when it comes to giving the eyes a more youthful look and reducing the signs of aging around the eyes, face and neck. No ingredients necessary and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

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How Fièra
Neck Roller Works

Fièra Rose Quartz Face & Neck Roller is the zero-ingredient solution to “rolling away” your skin imperfections and achieving smooth, firm, and even-toned skin that keeps you looking like your youngest self. In fact, it even helps improve the absorption of your skin creams and serums, making them even MORE effective!

  • Reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles

    Each roll promotes lymphatic drainage which works wonders for decreasing puffiness and vanishing those fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Evens out skin tone & promotes circulation

    Wave goodbye to discoloration, blemishes and redness by rolling out a more even-toned, glowing skin.

  • Tightens and firms the skin

    Helps improve skin elasticity making gravity less harsh and tightening up that sagging skin beautifully.

  • Helps skin absorb serums & creams

    Apply your other skin cream or serum and roll to improve penetration into the skin, making them much more effective.

Our Fièra Promise

Fièra is not your average beauty line. We offer the highest quality products with unstoppable results. Our products focus on delivering innovative science, quality, and convenience. Not just a beauty brand, Fièra is committed to supporting our community through our partnerships with Food Rescue US and Second Harvest by donating a portion of our sales to help feed those in need.

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How To Use

  • 1

    Roll The Eyes

    Use the smaller end of your roller for the skin around your eyes. Simply place your roller on the inner corner of your under eye and roll outwards towards your ear. Repeat 5 times, then repeat on the other side.

  • 2

    Roll The Forehead

    Start by gently placing your rose quartz roller on the center of your forehead near your hairline. Roll downwards towards your ear until you reach your temple. Repeat 5 times, then repeat on the other side.

  • 3

    Roll The Face

    Roll your cheekbones, lips, and chin by simply using the same method as your eyes and forehead. Starting at the center of your face (next to your nose, in the center of your upper lip, or the center of your chin), roll outwards towards your ears. Repeat 5 times on each side.

  • 4

    Enhance Your Skin Creams & Serums

    Simply apply your favorite skin cream or serum, then continue with the above method to help them better penetrate the skin’s barrier, giving you more effective results.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you'll love our Fièra products we offer a Hassle-free 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase simply return the items back to us for a full refund.

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