2 Anti-Aging Ingredients to Look for and 2 to Avoid

2 Anti-Aging Ingredients to Look for and 2 to Avoid

Many ingredients promise to be the miracle agent that will stop aging in its tracks. But which ingredients can truly make a difference, and which are just empty promises?

We've put together this brief overview with ingredients to avoid, and ingredients to seek out, because nothing is more frustrating than finding out that an ingredient doesn't work until after you've already brought it home.

So keep an eye out for these agents next time you pause to look at an ingredient list. 

Ingredients that Work

Hyaluronic Acid

The wunderkind of anti-aging, hyaluronic acid is typically one of the first products lauded by scientists and beauty gurus alike. And it's for good reason.

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant which means it’s designed to retain moisture–something that’s essential for any anti-aging product.

As you get older, your skin cells can become more dehydrated due to a change in their ability to retain water. That means that your skin may not look as dewy or bouncy as it did before.

Think of your cells as little water balloons. When they don’t retain water, your skin can look flat. When they can retain water, then you get the feeling of a filled water balloon: voluptuous and bouncy. 

That's why hyaluronic acid works so well. It helps keep the moisture in your skin and gives you that glamorous, air-brushed look.

Vitamin C

Just like hyaluronic acid, Fièra has put the spotlight on vitamin C and its amazing anti-aging qualities.

When you age, your skin may develop dark spots (these are also called sun spots). These are caused by free radicals, which are developed naturally in your body but also absorbed into your body from the environment. Vitamin C prevents these free radicals from causing any more harm, or from leaving noticeable marks on your face.

Vitamin C is also known for helping to produce collagen (something else your body may lack as you age) and helping to heal wounds quicker. It’s a multi-purpose ingredient!

Ingredients to Avoid


GMO stands for genetically modified organism, and they're plants whose DNA have been changed. GMOs themselves aren't necessarily dangerous, but they allow for certain practices that can make them dangerous in your products.

  • Many big farming companies genetically modify plants so that they can withstand harsh pesticides that might kill other plants and that could be dangerous for people
  • GMO seeds are dominated by monopolies. Those monopolies, like Monsanto, do their best to ensure that small town family farmers are bought out or ran out by lower prices. This means that a lot of your food options are owned by the same brands, which takes away your right as a consumer to choose the best option.

Those reasons, and more, are why it's critical to us at Fièra to ensure that all of our products are completely GMO-free. We take this extra step to ensure that when you see a product that says "Fièra," you know it's full of the highest-quality ingredients on the market.



Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in skincare. Ingredients like these keep products on the shelf longer, but they aren't always good for your skin.

There are studies showing that parabens can disrupt the hormones in your body and cause complications with fertility as well as increase your risk of cancer.

While just now many products are scrambling to remove parabens from their products, Fièra has been paraben-free from the get-go.

Fièra’s products are all natural, and we genuinely make an effort to only employ the best ingredients on the market. To see for yourself, check out our Skincare Bundle, which includes some of our most popular products.

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