2 Ways French Women Embrace Age in their Makeup Styles

2 Ways French Women Embrace Age in their Makeup Styles

France is often thought of as the Western center of fashion and romance. With so many major fashion shows and beauty events taking place in the country, it’s hard not to think of it as such!

Even beyond that, though, there’s the way that women in France embrace their age in their makeup styles. Many women choose to embrace their age rather than covering it up.

To learn more about the current French style when it comes to aging, read on.

1.) A Minimalist Makeup Routine

Many North American fashion icons use heavy foundation, and it’s become stylish for many women to wear heavy makeup looks. This is often true as women age and may begin to feel self-conscious without makeup.

Heavy makeup can distract from wrinkles and fine lines, but sometimes heavy foundation that wasn’t made for aging skin can sink into wrinkles and make them appear worse than they truly are.

If you love to wear heavy foundation and thick eyeliner, go for it! But do it because you love that style, not because you want to cover up your natural skin. Aging skin is normal and even beautiful, and it’s not something that needs to be hidden away or disguised.

This is where we can look to a French makeup style, that goes for a minimalist look, and thus enhances your best features without trying to hide or cover all the unique features that make you gorgeous.

Get the French Look

  • Forego anything more than some concealer or foundation with finishing powder and maybe a colored lip gloss or lip tint.
  • Only use makeup that was made for older women, such as thicker concealers that don’t sink into fine lines or crease throughout the day.
  • In the morning, doing an effective minimalist makeup routine will give you more time to focus on bringing the power with your outfit and hair.
  • Spend more time and finances on obtaining skin health than on covering up flaws. It’s always better to get to the root of the problem and solve it rather than cover it.

Click here to learn more about minimalist makeup.

2.) A Healthy Skincare Routine

By having consistent and targeted skincare routines, the French style minimizes dark spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines. With products that include hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and other various moisturizers, you can get the most out of as few products as possible.

Namely, the French style uses products that work together to give the best possible results. This style also uses only the essentials, because it’s better to have a few high-quality products than it is to have one hundred mediocre products.

A staple in your routine should always be a reliable neck cream that firms the skin and gives it suitable hydration to help combat further wrinkling or sagging.

Your skin loses elasticity as you age, so a great neck cream will help to give you back some control over the elasticity.

Fièra completely understands this minimalist, French style, and we can easily say that our Luxury Neck Cream would do the job perfectly for any mature woman who wants to feel confident, even going completely barefaced!

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