5 Beauty and Health Benefits of Vitamin C

5 Beauty and Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is often thought of as the way to ward off the common cold. But did you know that it has so many more beauty and health benefits?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential vitamin and antioxidant that can be consumed or applied topically to receive restorative health benefits for the body and mind. Taking Vitamin C or adding it to your skincare routine can lead to brighter, younger looking skin as well as many other benefits.

Here are some of the main benefits of Vitamin C along with some easy ways to add the vitamin into your daily life.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Aids in growth and repair of tissue 

Vitamin C plays an essential role in the healing of wounds and infections of the skin. Due to its deft ability to repair skin, application of Vitamin C through your skincare routine can lead to reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and even scars.

Antioxidant properties reduce inflammation and lower risk of cancer and other chronic disease

Inflammation is an immune response that can lead to redness, puffiness, and pain of various parts of the body, including the skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, meaning it fights free radicals leading to a decrease in redness and puffiness of the face.

Strengthens immune system

Again, due to its antioxidative properties, Vitamin C can help boost your immune system to fight off bacterial infection or viruses. 

Helps to synthesize collagen

Collagen is an abundant protein in the body, playing an essential role in connective tissues of the skin. When we get older, our bodies synthesize collagen less efficiently, leading to the appearance of wrinkles or looser skin. Adding Vitamin C to your skincare routine can boost collagen production and reverse signs of aging.

Aids in the absorption of iron

Iron is another essential nutrient that helps the body circulate oxygen and synthesize hormones, however it can be hard for the body to absorb it without the presence of Vitamin C. This essential vitamin can therefore improve your circulation and hormonal balance due to its connection to iron absorption.

How to get Vitamin C

Vitamin C is often associated with orange juice, but this isn’t the only way to get your daily intake. Vitamin C can even be applied topically to the skin to directly deliver beauty and health benefits.

Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables such as bell peppers, tomatoes, red cabbage, cantaloupe, and kiwi can help you meet your daily intake.

On top of this, Fièra’s Citrus Stem Cell Serum allows you to harness the benefits of Vitamin C in your skincare routine. Combined with ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate and glycerin, it delivers powerful moisturization and restoration.

Applying this powerful antioxidant directly to your skin not only evens out wrinkles and fine lines, but also works to eliminate age spots, redness, and puffiness. It is the perfect product for gently improving the look of mature skin, leading to a brighter, younger appearance.

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