5 Makeup Tips Every Aging Woman Needs To Know

5 Makeup Tips Every Aging Woman Needs To Know

Makeup trends come and go, but self-love is timeless. In other words: do what makes you feel beautiful. Let your makeup empower you!

Makeup for mature skin can be tricky. So it’s no surprise if you might be asking what you need for perfect makeup, the older you get. 

Don’t let aging skin stop you. Here are 5 tips and tricks to give you a little beauty boost, or help you achieve what you need for perfect makeup in today’s day and age. 

1. Preparation: To get the best possible look, it’s super important to prep your skin.


  • After cleaning your face, make sure to moisturize both your face and neck
  • Next, calm any inflammation with your rose quartz roller
  • Then, make sure you apply ample sunscreen to protect your face, neck, and hands from any potential sun damage. 
  • Once those three steps are done, apply your primer to make sure your makeup stays in place.

2. Foundation: As your skin changes, so should your foundation.

  • It can be tough to find the best foundation for mature skin over 60. Matte makeup tends to age you. Aim for light creams to keep your look young, and dewy. 

Bonus tip: mixing a little liquid highlighter with your liquid foundation helps create a super glowy look. 

  • Once your foundation is dry, use a brush to apply a little concealer around any trouble spots.

3. Blush: Keep it classy! A rosy cheek is super in, so top off your dewy base with a little color.

  • Try cream blushes. They give a super natural look, while giving you what you need for perfect makeup. 
  • If you do use powder blushes, just beware that they can highlight fine lines and wrinkles if not applied properly.


4. Pop: Make your face pop with a bold lip, or a nice eyeshadow.

  • Eyeshadow can be tricky, so don’t feel pressure to do a super elaborate look. Pick a color that compliments your eye color, and you’ll look beautiful. 
  • Before applying lipstick, make sure to put on some chapstick, and use lip liner to get a clean finish.
  • Just like with the eyeshadow, you don’t need to go too bold with the lipstick if you don’t want to. What you need for perfect makeup is ultimately up to you!

5. Powder: With the right powder, complete your look in just a matter of seconds!

  • For the icing on the cake, finish what you need for perfect makeup with this fine finishing powder
  • With the right powder, you can make sure your makeup is blended perfectly.
  • Worried about applying the right amount? Use this finishing brush to seal the deal with a super easy application. 


We are all beautiful, regardless of age. But growing older comes with some specific makeup challenges that we are here to face together. 

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