5 Older Women Makeup Myths Debunked

5 Older Women Makeup Myths Debunked

TV, movies, social media, magazines, and advertisements will tell you that a certain age is indicative of what you should wear, how you should look, or what your makeup routine should and should not consist of. It’s all around us: this construct of what it should mean to be an older woman. 

We’re here to break that boundary. At Fièra Cosmetics, it’s about looking and feeling your best. Being true to you. What you want, and what you need to achieve that goal. Equipped with a pro-age mindset, we’re going to address some of the most misleading myths about makeup, and mature skin.

The Myths

  • Older women should wear less makeup: False! Sure, in many cases, less is more. And let us be clear, you don’t need makeup to look beautiful. You’re beautiful regardless. But if you have a rockin’ makeup look you love, don’t dull your shine just because someone told you you should. Instead, just make sure your makeup is working for you. As our skin changes, so should our makeup and our skincare products. Many women are under the assumption that they have to wear less makeup as they age, when in reality, their makeup just wasn’t built to support mature skin. Make sure your makeup is all-natural and includes active ingredients to support skin restoration, rehydration, and protection. You’ll notice a difference!


  • Eyeliner doesn’t look good on mature women: False. Many older women think that eyeliner has to be a thing of the past after the age of 50. That’s not the case! The truth is, your water line might not be the best place for your eyeliner as you age. Instead, try using a thin, flat brush, and take a little bit of eyeshadow, and sweep it gently underneath the waterline. This will automatically make your eyes look larger, and can be a better place for your eyeliner to live as your skin changes.


  • Certain lipstick colors don’t work for older women: False. There are a lot of beauty sites that claim certain lipstick shades won’t “look good” on mature skin. It’s time to get rid of that concept. Lipstick shade should be more about what compliments your skin tone, your eyes, and what shade you like to wear. If you’re worried about making your lips look plumper, take your favorite lipstick color, and test out different shades of that color to see what will accentuate your lip shape.


  • Older ladies need a lip liner: False. Sure, lip liner can be a nice way to give your lips a stronger shape, but it doesn’t necessarily make your lipstick stay in place, or give your lips a better shape. If done correctly, lipliner can look natural. But the point is, you don’t need it. 


  • Older girls can’t use a champagne shimmer: False. Shine is not exclusive to younger folks! If you love a shimmery eyeshadow, go for it! If you’re worried about it looking “too much,” just balance out the look. Aka, don’t opt for heavy eyeliner, or lipstick. Keep the champagne shimmer as the main event!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: age is but a number. Don’t let any preconceived notions about age rule your makeup routine. If you’re uncertain about a look, try it out, and consult someone you trust. 

For makeup that is specifically built to make mature skin glow, check out more Fièra Cosmetic products! 

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