5 Tips for Easier Concealer Application

5 Tips for Easier Concealer Application

Whether you’ve never applied makeup for yourself before or you’re just wondering if there’s an easier way, this list will give you five tips to make your concealer application easier than ever.

Putting on makeup is a routine part of a lot of women’s mornings, and the people in tutorial videos make it seem like the easiest thing in the world with how quickly and effortlessly they’re able to achieve amazing coverage.

However, they might be leaving out a few steps in their concealer application process that could make it a whole lot simpler.

1. Make sure your skin has recently been well-moisturized 

When you’re applying product to your face such as foundation or concealer, it’s essentially trapping in whatever you put on before it.

You’re basically trapping the moisturizer under your other layers of makeup in order to better moisturize your face.

However, before applying moisturizer, make sure to clean your face so that you’re not trapping anything nasty under your makeup with your moisturizer. Even better – before applying moisturize, start with a good serum for a daily dose of antioxidants to protect your skin from free radical damage.

Starting with a clean, dry, and well-moisturized face will make your life a whole lot easier. Even though you might be tempted to instantly continue, give the moisturizer ten minutes to be absorbed so it doesn’t mix with your other products!

2. Warm up your concealer

Think about how some foods spread depending on their temperature. When you’re putting butter on something, you’ll want it to spread evenly so everything has the same amount of butter, and you’ll also want it to spread easily so that you don’t pull on your toast.

Concealer is the same way.

You want it applied evenly, and you don’t want to push or pull your skin while you’re trying to apply it.

Warming up your concealer will make it easier to accomplish this. Try putting your tightly sealed concealer tube into a cup of fairly warm water or rolling the tube around in your hands in the same motion you would make when rubbing your hands together to warm them up. 

After doing this, dab the concealer onto your face and let it warm further by letting it just sit on your face for a few moments. This will prime it for spreading and make things go quicker in the long run.

3. Try a primer

If you feel that the concealer alone is tricky to blend out, consider trying a primer. A primer will essentially fill in whatever dips may exist on your face like imperfections, old scars, and wrinkles, and it will create a flat and even canvas for your concealer application.

Not only will this make it easier to apply your concealer and allow you to use less concealer overall thanks to the fact that it won’t be filling in those dips itself, but it could also make your concealer last longer on your face. That being said, many Fièra customers have noted that they didn’t actually need their primers anymore after switching, due to the amazing staying power of our concealer. Still, it’s important that what you’re using works for YOU, so if you think a primer may serve you well, simply do some research and find the one that will work best for your type of skin.

4. Consider using a beauty oil

A couple of drops of a high quality beauty oils can be added to your concealer in order to give your skin extra nourishment and thin the concealer out for easier application. 

There are many different kinds that do different things, so you can adapt this addition to make whatever adjustments you might want to your beauty routine, but a common choice among women is to add in some extra moisturizing power to make sure that wearing your makeup won’t dry out and tire your skin over the course of the day.

If you’re the type to break out because of daily use of concealer, then there are also beauty oils meant to combat acne and prevent irritation so that you can wear concealer with peace of mind.

5. Use the Fièra Concealer Brush

Even the best artist using the best paint can’t do their finest work with a brush that they got from a child’s watercolor set.

So, don’t sabotage your makeup routine by using the wrong concealer brush.

Fièra has a concealer brush that’s made specifically for mature women so that they can look their best every single day.

Not only is it effective at what it’s supposed to do, but it’s also able to be effortlessly cleaned so that you can always feel like it’s the first time you’re using it without agonizing over the time it takes to clean makeup brushes.

Making sure that you have the right brush is just as important as having the right concealer, so give yourself the best that there is!

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