A Match Made in Heaven

Why it’s important to use the right tools for your makeup 

Having the right makeup is only one part of the equation.

Having the right means of application can completely change the way your makeup looks, lasts, and feels. Whether you are a makeup glam guru or a person who enjoys a more natural look, having the tools to complete your routine is essential to achieving the best finished product possible. 

No More Using Your Hands

Perhaps you are accustomed to applying your makeup using your hands. With liquid products, this can be especially tempting.

However, your hands possess a litany of germs, dirt, and oils that should not be anywhere near your face. When you apply makeup using your hands, even if they are clean, you are still transferring unnecessary oils to your face. This can result in breakouts, irritation, or add to an already oily skin type. 

Just as there is a wide range of makeup products, there is also a wide range of makeup application tools. To some, this can be incredibly intimidating. From brushes to beauty blenders and spoolies to sponges, finding the right tool for your makeup can be overwhelming. 

That’s why at Fièra Cosmetics we like to make the purchase process as easy as possible. For example, when you purchase the Fièra Cosmetics HD Matte Finishing Powder, we have a Fièra Finishing Powder Brush available for applying the powder.

Brushes Made For Powder

One important distinction when purchasing makeup application tools is the type of makeup you are using. For example, liquid products will require a different type of brush than powder products. With the HD Matte Finishing Powder, you need a brush that has a full head, that is also lightweight and will not hold onto too much excess product. 

The Finishing Powder Brush by Fièra Cosmetics is designed with the HD Matte Finishing Powder in mind. That is how you know you are getting the best result possible when you apply your makeup. With proven quick and easy application power, matched with an easy to clean methodology, you can trust that your makeup will last all day and will feel fresh for as long as possible. 

Plus, both products are all-natural! As a company that cares about being Non-GMO, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, Fièra Cosmetics makes every product acknowledging the importance of all-natural practices and all-natural products. 

Buying From The Same Brand

When you purchase makeup, purchasing your makeup tools from the same brand can be the best way to ensure that you are getting the best result possible. Not only can you have peace of mind knowing that both products are all-natural, but you can also relax knowing that the product and the applicator were designed to work together. With this in mind, try the Fièra HD Matte Finishing Powder and the Finishing Powder Brush to see for yourself!

Fièra Cosmetics offers free worldwide shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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