Brushes Built to Last

Brushes Built to Last

When you use a brush that was designed for the product in question, the application process is much smoother and can help your makeup last far longer. 

Not only should you use the right brush to get the most desirable results, but you should also know what it takes to take care of that brush. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use your brush in a way that can make your makeup last, and how to practice proper brush care.

How To Use a Makeup Brush

If you are not accustomed to using a makeup brush, you might be wondering what the best practice is. If you are using it to apply a liquid, you might be even more confused. Perhaps you never even knew that you could use a brush to apply liquid foundation. Well, this is how:

  • Place the liquid product onto one face of the brush
  • Gently dot different areas of your face with the product that is on the brush
  • Begin to blend the product using the brush
  • To blend, sweep the product towards the outer corners of your face, using consistent strokes
  • Make sure to begin from the inside out, in other words, start with your nose, your T-zone, your chin, and the corner of your eyes and work your way outward

If you have tried this in the past and you did not find success, you might be using the wrong makeup & brush pairing. For instance, with Fièra Cosmetics, the Luxury Concealer is available for purchase alongside the Concealer Brush. That way, you know you are getting two products which can operate in harmony.  

How To Clean a Makeup Brush

It is usually best practice to clean your brush after every use. If you have ever painted on a canvas before, you know you cannot paint with the same brush again until it’s clean.

While you have a bit more leniency when it comes to makeup, the same is generally true. The more frequently you wash your brush, the better you will be able to uphold the integrity of the brush itself. In other words, it will work better. 

To clean a makeup brush, take a small glass or cup of warm water and mix in some baby shampoo. Baby shampoo tends to be gentle on the bristles but will remove the excess product, dirt, and oils. Be careful with how you place the brush in the container.

If you can, do not let the base of the brush get saturated. When the base of the brush is saturated in the soapy water, it can loosen the bristles and cause them to fall out afterward.

Make sure that the bristles themselves are the only portion of the brush that are submerged and leave it for a couple of hours.

You can rinse and repeat this action until the brush seems to be completely clean of any product. Blot the brush with a paper towel afterward and then allow it to air dry.

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