Céleste is Becoming Fièra

Céleste is Becoming Fièra

We have exciting news to announce and we want to share it here first with the Céleste family: Céleste is becoming Fièra!

Céleste’s mission has always been to bring our customers high quality products that support graceful aging and are available at a fair price. We are proud of the products we’ve created, and how incredibly well received they’ve been by our customers, all while continuing to live up to and honor our mission. We’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of requests to expand our line, so we’ve decided to do just that and bring our customers a range of new products!

With the expansion of our new line we’ve decided to accompany it with a new name: Fièra Cosmetics. Under Fièra Cosmetics we will be introducing our Anti-Aging Neck and Décolleté Cream, Anti-Age Related Thinning Shampoo line, and many more!

Don’t worry, the best of Céleste is coming along with Fièra Cosmetics. All of our existing products, including our best selling concealer and finishing powder, won’t be changing.

When Céleste came onto the market we had plans to do things a little differently: While the makeup industry is filled with corporate greed, overly expensive products, and the promotion of unrealistic beauty standards, we wanted to do our small part to change the status quo. Our goal was to create a brand that aligned with pro-age beauty, delivering the same results as our big brand competitors while being made available at fairer and more affordable price.

To make this happen we consciously decided to sell exclusively online and forgo paying the millions of dollars it takes for expensive marketing campaigns and pricey shelf-space in retail stores. Instead we’ve depended on our customers’ satisfaction, their reviews, and recommendations to sell our products. These savings have enabled us to not only sell our products at a more affordable price than our competitors, but also give back to our local communities through our partnership with the charitable organization Second Harvest. For every single tube of concealer that we sell, we donate the funding needed to feed a healthy meal to a child in need (with your help we’ve donated over 35,000 meals!).

We appreciate every one of our customers for helping us achieve our mission. Without the Céleste Family, we would not have been able to expand into what we have become, or give back to our local communities like we have. Céleste’s mission and values, including our partnership with Second Harvest, will continue and expand under Fièra Cosmetics. We are very eager to share with our customers the new line, and welcome you all to the Fièra Family.

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