Confidence: How to Fake it 'til you Make it

Confidence: How to Fake it 'til you Make it

Let’s be honest, we don’t always feel our best every single day. Sure, we can know we’re all that, but it’s not a 100%, 24/7 thing. Everyone has their ups and downs.

Part of being human is realizing that you’re not perfect every single moment of every single day, and that’s okay. It’s perfectly fine to be imperfect. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s enjoyable to know you’re not at your best.

So, for those women who want to avoid feeling worse after knowing they’re not at the best, here are some tips to fake it until you make it!

Give yourself some attention

Sometimes, you just need some time away from it all, and that’s the best time to give yourself some self-care.

One of the best ways to fake it until you make it is to put yourself in the right mindset and the right headspace where you know you can keep that sort of act up for as long as you need to.

Whether it be by taking a bubble bath or spending some quiet time reading a book with your favorite blend of tea, there are dozens of things that could mean self-care to you.

Some that we recommend that actually will leave you feeling more confident more often? Starting (and sticking to) a new workout regime; meditation and affirmations; and reading books that boost your personal growth. 

Wear and use only what you makes you happy

Imagine if you only wore the things in your closet that you loved and feel good in? Or that every day, you took a minute to apply your favourite makeup product – the one that makes you feel like you put in A+ effort. Every day, you’d feel fabulous! Wear the diamond earrings on a Tuesday where you don’t leave the house. By allowing yourself to enjoy what you love every day, you’re telling yourself that you are worth it. 

Promise to love and take care of the skin you’re in

Many women complain about their skin as they age, while still using the same moisturizer they’ve been using for 10 years. Be kind to your skin – both in how you think about it and talk to yourself – and how you treat it. As you age, your skin has different needs – make sure you’re using products that were designed specifically for older skin. Fièra is proud to offer women over 40 beauty and skincare products that were formulated for mature skin. Our Apple Stem Cell Cream is a luxurious daily moisturizer that also acts as an eye cream and feels like a luxurious skin treatment. You won’t only gain confidence from the transformation you see in the mirror after a few months of use (seriously, read our reviews!), but from the effort you put in to giving your skin exactly what it needs, now. 

Spend some time with people who make it easy

When you’re already trying really hard to make people think that you’re at your best, it might be easier to just be around people who always see the best in you, even on the tough days.

Give your friends a call and see if they’re down to hang out after work. Facetime your kids, a partner, those who have been there with you through the thick and thin.

By spending time with people who you love spending time with, you might even find that you’re not faking it at all anymore!

And that’s the best part about confidence. Sometimes – it’s like falling asleep. First, you close your eyes and act like someone who’s asleep, then you fall asleep and it becomes reality.

Your subconscious mind will take cues from your behavior, so if you act like someone who’s got it all together, it might take a little time, but soon being confident will be your autopilot.

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