Cute Selfie Ideas For Any Age

Cute Selfie Ideas For Any Age

Cute Selfie Ideas

So, you want to master the art of the “selfie”? Everyone needs a cute selfie, so you’ve come to the right place! 

Getting your picture taken can be stressful, and sometimes even make the average person unreasonably self conscious. So take matters into your own hands — literally! 

Executing a great selfie isn’t as scary as it seems. Once you get a few technical things down, you’ll be good to go! 


Here are the first few steps to achieving a cute selfie.

Step 1: Natural lighting is ideal, so being outdoors or near a window is always a good place to start. If it’s nighttime or natural light just isn’t an option, at least make sure you’re in a well lit room, or use flash if absolutely necessary.  

PS: Contrary to popular opinion, flash is not the enemy! It can make your image quality so much better, but it might also highlight some unwanted blemishes. So to avoid that, make sure you’ve thought through your lighting options. 

Step 2: Considering the angle of your selfie is super important. Many people are tempted to hold the phone way above their heads to avoid highlighting a potential double chin. Similarly, some people hold the phone way too far below their face. 

Of course, always do what makes you feel most confident, but for the best, most natural results, try taking your selfie head on with a slight downward angle!

Step 3: Consider the focus. Are you solo in the photo? Maybe you’re taking a selfie with a friend, or of a specific environment. These things all matter for setting up a cute selfie.

If you don’t care about the background, or would even like to blur it out, try portrait mode!

Otherwise, if you want the environment to be at the forefront of the photo, make sure you still frame your face in the corner of the picture for the most flattering, effective results.


Let’s Get Creative 

Your cute selfie is well on its way! Now that you have the technical skills to execute a simple cute selfie, let’s brainstorm some cute selfie ideas.

  • Mirror Selfies: Do you feel awkward smiling in photos? One of the most popular ways to take a cute selfie is by using a mirror. With your camera facing the mirror, it’s super normal to sport a more serious or peaceful facial expression. You can focus the photo on your good looking hair, or take your face out of it entirely and feature a fun outfit of the day! 
  • Funky Poses: Have fun! Taking a cute selfie shouldn’t be stressful. Make a silly face, or try a fun new pose. This is your picture, enjoy it!
  • Funny Selfies: If you or anyone you know has the app Snapchat, you might have seen the silly filters that they feature. To get comfortable taking selfies, or just to have a good time, try out some silly selfie filters and get a good chuckle alongside a cute selfie.
  • Silhouette Selfies: If you’re feeling artsy, try playing with shadows. Go outside and see what kind of cute selfie you can conjure from your silhouette. 
  • Using Props: You don’t have to selfie alone! Grab your coffee cup, or wine glass, or sunglasses and capture a super cute selfie in no time.

The best part about taking selfies on your phone is that if at first you don’t succeed: try, try again. It’s tough to get a good shot on the first try, but don’t get discouraged. Let your beautiful face shine! 

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