Decluttering your Mind by Decluttering your Makeup Drawer

Decluttering your Mind by Decluttering your Makeup Drawer

We’ve all been there: you buy something all while swearing up and down that you’re going to use it and love it, but you get home and you realize you don’t use it or love it.

This sort of thing can happen with any kind of product, but it tends to happen even more often with cheap beauty products. If you’re only spending $5 or so on something, then it doesn’t hurt as much when you take it home and realize that you hate it. 

But then, that one product that only cost $5 turns into two products and then three, and before you know it, you’ve spent $5 on twenty products that were entirely useless to you.

Messy Makeup Drawer, Messy Life

With your 20 $5 products, looking around your bathroom can become a source of stress because, subconsciously, you’re reminded of all those little decisions that cluttered up your drawers and your budget.

It’s an unnecessary stressor.

The first step to a relaxing skincare routine is not having to dig through ten bad decisions just to find your favorite concealer.

Spring Cleaning in December

So, why have those sorts of things around in the first place? Even if it’s not spring yet, you can still do some much-needed cleaning out!

As much as it may hurt, go through your unused makeup, and just throw it away. 

You can’t donate makeup that is opened, and if you stopped using something months ago, let’s be honest, you’re not going to start using it again.

You’ll feel better when you look at your desk and see a smooth surface.

Our Philosophy:

It’s better to have a few products of very high quality than many products of mediocre quality.

So how do you declutter your makeup drawer?

Well you could start with not cluttering it up in the first place.

Buy Things You’re Excited About

To make sure you don’t fill up your bathroom with things you don’t use, you should keep in mind some principles of shopping for makeup.

Some of these include:

  • Research a product before you buy it
  • Make sure that the product is made for you
  • Ensure that you need this product

Maybe something looks pretty in the store, but if it doesn’t fulfill its promises, you’ll eventually become disillusioned and stop using it. And at that point, it doesn’t matter how high your hopes were when you bought it.

Go Luxury

When buying new products, do some research and make sure that they’re high quality. Consider buying from a luxury brand.

Your skin is unique as you are, so some products, even expensive products, might just not work for your skin.

This is especially true for mature women.

Many luxury brands have younger consumers in mind when they create their products, and that leaves mature women with products that just don’t work on aging skin.

Shop for Products Designed for You

Fièra designs all of our products with the mature woman in mind, and so you can shop soundly knowing that our cosmetics will always work for mature skin. 

If you’re not satisfied, then you don’t have to worry about our products wasting away in your cosmetics drawer either, you’re free to return the product if you’re not satisfied as long as it is within the return grace period.

So, trying out our Beauty Bundle is worry-free! It features all of our best products that are essential for beginning a new, luxury makeup routine including our concealer and a concealer brush that’s specially designed to work beautifully with our concealer.

Our products definitely will not go to waste in your collection. Note that we’re well-reviewed by thousands of women across the US and Canada. Join the Fièra family and see the difference that luxury makeup can make.

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