Five Steps to Better Confidence

Confidence is often approached with a “you either have it or you don’t” attitude. But confidence is so much more attainable than it seems. With just a little bit of work and a little bit of faith, you can walk taller, speak with authority, and trust in your own intuition. Feeling good doesn’t happen just because you want it to. Feeling good requires work. Extremely rewarding work!

What’s Wrong?

In order to discover your potential for self-confidence, you must first address what is making you feel insecure. What is stopping you from feeling like the beautiful, capable human that you are? Are you unsatisfied with your appearance? Are you unsatisfied with your eating habits? With your work? Your relationships? Is someone else putting you down or making you feel inadequate? Are you constantly doubting yourself? Get to the root of the problem. Self-depreciation is the enemy of self-confidence. Don’t feed into the soul-sucking conversation of self-doubt. It will steal your confidence before you have even given yourself a chance. So, what CAN you do? With these five steps, you will find stronger self-confidence.

The Steps

  • Be Careful with Social Media: Social media can be a fantastic tool for connections and staying in touch. The only problem is that it sometimes becomes inundated with unattainable or unhealthy imagery, especially because most people are only willing to publicly display the best parts of themselves. Social media can be an incredible distraction when you are trying to better yourself. It is simply a highlight reel, and when you are not feeling like a highlighted version of yourself, it can do more harm than good. Plus, it can be super natural to compare yourself to others. Fortunately, you have the power to decide who you follow. Don’t be afraid to unfriend those who are overly negative or tiresome on social media! Curate the information you see so that it is positive and constructive. Remember, social media only shows a sliver of someone’s life. It is not all-encompassing. And, every person is on their own path. Don’t compare yourself to someone else. Fulfillment is not a linear progression. 
  • Daily Affirmations: Remind yourself of something positive every day. A daily affirmation can be something like “I am worthy” or “I will be present in every moment” or “I will learn and I will grow” or “I am resilient.” If there is something in particular that you are struggling with, you can get more specific. The goal of daily affirmations is to rewire that part of your brain which engages in negative self-talk. With daily affirmations, you will begin to see yourself differently, because you will be teaching your brain to think new thoughts. Write your affirmation before you go to sleep and tape it to your mirror so you can see it in the morning.
  • Clothing Choices: Sometimes we forget that clothes are meant to fit us, not the other way around. If your clothes are not bringing you joy, donate them. While it might seem superficial, your clothes can play a major role in your self-confidence. When you know you look good in a piece of clothing, it makes you feel positive. Of course, beauty can radiate from the inside out, but clothing should never bring you down, it should only lift you up.
  • Skin Care Routine: Another way to improve your self-confidence is to improve your skincare routine! When you take care of your skin you are able to prevent signs of aging, sun damage, and pain from dryness. If you are new to skincare, try out this routine:
    • A great place to start is with a moisturizer such as the Fièra Cosmetics Apple Stem Cell Cream. With all-natural active ingredients, this moisturizer will restore your youthful glow, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and give your skin the hydration it is craving. This cream is perfect for the night time before bed.
    • In the morning, try out the Citrus Stem C Serum. Using natural ingredients as anti-toxins, this cream will even out your skin tone, improve the appearance of wrinkles, and leave your skin smelling fresh with a great smell.
    • Don’t forget about your neck! Even when your face looks fantastic, sometimes your neck will give away your age. To firm up your neck, check out this fantastic neck cream, scientifically proven effective in reverse aging your neck.
  • Exercise: Lastly, work exercise into your daily routine. When you exercise you emit chemicals called dopamine and serotonin which in turn make you feel good. If you are intimidated by exercise, just start by going for a daily walk. Walking is so good for your heart health, your joint health, and your overall well-being. If you are working on being more body-positive, you might be anxious about seeing the fruits of your labor. Practice patience. Eating well and exercising will help you feel good inside, and that is what matters the most when you are working to be more self-confident. 
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