Habits > Willpower - How Daily Changes Can Keep Your Health, Wellness, and Beauty on Track

Habits > Willpower - How Daily Changes Can Keep Your Health, Wellness, and Beauty on Track

Healthy habits make a healthy lifestyle. If you’re willing to put in the effort of making sure that you’re consistently doing what’s best for your health, then you’re going to see that much good come back to you in return.

Your daily routine should consist of good-for-you habits that promote your health and wellness, and they can help keep your beauty on track, too.

Use Willpower to Get You Started

Let's say you want to get up early to go for a swim. The first time that you do it, you will need a lot of willpower. You will be cranky, and exhausted, and you will ask yourself why you even had the idea in the first place.

The second time you will need a lot of willpower as well, but it will already be a little bit easier than the first day. Then, after you do it the third time, you've formed a habit. After that, things start getting significantly easier.

So at first it takes some willpower, like the first couple pushes when you're riding your bike. After that, gravity takes hold, and your habit starts carrying you with much less effort. 


Here are some of the major daily changes that you can make to your everyday routine that can keep your health, wellness, and beauty on track–and bring about some great changes, too.

Going to Bed at a Reasonable Hour

Everyone’s guilty of a little late night television watching, and that’s completely alright. One night a week isn't going to hurt you, but once you start stringing the late nights together is when the problems start.

Some symptoms of staying up too late and not getting enough sleep include:

  • Irritability
  • Poor judgment
  • Slow reaction times
  • Bad memory
  • Weight gain

Outside of pale skin and eye bags, there are some pretty severe consequences for not getting your beauty sleep, so make sure to do your best to tuck in at a reasonable hour.

Healthy Dieting

Healthy dieting is one of the key habits that anyone who’s trying to put their health and wellness first will adopt. By maintaining and developing a healthy diet, you’ll give your body the nutrients it needs to keep going and allow you to live your best life.

In addition, developing a healthy diet will prevent harmful effects from happening such as excess build-up of free radicals. 

Maintaining a healthy diet will keep your weight down and also lessen your chances for health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. High cholesterol can also be caused by a poor diet.

Not only will healthy dieting stave off unwanted health problems, it can also keep your skin looking healthy! 

Acne can be caused by stress and also a poor diet. By maintaining healthy eating habits, you’ll reduce your chances of a breakout.

A Consistent, Effective Skincare Routine

Developing a skincare routine that works for you and that you can stick with is incredibly important, especially as you age.

As your body matures and goes through menopause, it begins to stop producing as much of the natural compounds that it needs to keep your skin looking youthful.

For instance, collagen production slows, and your skin no longer retains water as well which can lead to dry or loose-looking skin.

By using products, like those made by Fièra, that are formulated to help mature women with their changing skincare routines, women can keep their skin looking youthful and dewy!

The Fièra Skincare Set has all of our best products for maintaining younger and healthier looking skin such as our Citrus Stem C Serum, which provides your skin with vitamin C supplements to help combat free radicals and help keep age spots from developing.

Just like all habits, sticking with a skincare routine and using it consistently is the best way to see results. One of our customers tracked her progress while using our Multi-Effect Neck + Décolletage Cream (which now comes in a new jar, allowing for easier application!). 

She was beyond pleased with her results after following her routine, and we’re positive that you will be, too!

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