How the Natural Ingredients in Our Apple Cream Smooth and Restore Your Skin

How the Natural Ingredients in Our Apple Cream Smooth and Restore Your Skin

There are a lot of skin creams on the market, and they all seem to promise similar things; they will plump your skin up, remove those pesky wrinkles, pour youthfulness back into your face, and are all around an aging woman’s best friend. Everyone who wants to turn back the effects of time needs at least one cream in their arsenal against aging, but which one is the best? You might pick them up and compare packaging or names, but what you should really be comparing are the ingredients lists. That is where the real differences come in.

Most will boast about containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin C while also commonly containing ingredients that you won’t recognize even from commercials. Retinol is one of the most common ingredients in anti-aging products, and it’s clinically tested to improve your skin’s appearance by eliminating wrinkles. However, it’s not in its natural state when placed into creams, and you can never be certain whether or not the retinol in your cosmetics is the proper strength. It’s even commonly linked to irritation. Sometimes, someone might just want a natural alternative, and that’s where our products come in.

Fiera products are natural, and they have an ingredients list that you can count on one hand without any fancy chemicals. Our Apple Cream’s main ingredient is apple stem cells from a rare kind of apple tree. These cells are proven to restore your skin’s youthful appearance and to delay any signs of aging. This is because the stem cells possess longevity and regenerative properties not commonly found in other natural sources. 

The base of our cream is also naturally derived from hemp oil which helps in hydrating the skin, providing lost plumpness, and it treats blemishes on the skin. It helps give your skin a smoother and tighter appearance and feel.

The Apple Cream’s soothing effects don’t stop there, though, as it also contains hydrolyzed collagen. You might recognize collagen as being something already present in your body. However, over time it’s produced less and less by your skin. Using a cream that has hydrolyzed collagen in it will repair dry or damaged skin and give your face a more youthful appearance while also looking fresher!

Not only that, but our creams also contain vitamins E and A. Vitamin E is responsible for protecting against sun damage and also defends against free radicals (These are unbalanced atoms that are present in air pollution or even just cigarette smoke!). Vitamin A, meanwhile, is responsible for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while giving your skin a noticeable glow.

Best of all, our creams also help to prevent further wrinkles born from worrying over whether or not any animals were harmed in the testing of our products. We’re completely cruelty-free which means you can use our products without feeling guilt or worry. Not only are our products natural, they’re conscientious about the other creatures that we share our Earth with. Be on the lookout for sales during the holiday season! There’s no better time to try our products out for yourself and see just how effective natural products can be. 

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