How To Be Pro-Age

How To Be Pro-Age

There is a significant movement happening in the world of beauty – a movement for inclusion, and positivity. And at Fièra Cosmetics, we’re all for it.

The pro-age movement is normalizing what happens to our bodies as we age, and is encouraging women everywhere to love themselves for it.  

What Does It Mean To Be Pro-Age?

You’ve probably seen the words “anti-aging” splattered across beauty products recommended for women as young as 25. Traditionally in the world of beauty, women have been sold a message that tells them to fear their future appearance, to fight against it prematurely, and to hate it once it arrives. 

The pro-age movement is doing exactly the opposite. 

Rather than demonizing your fine lines and wrinkles, the pro-age movement encourages women to embrace their innate beauty, and actually enjoy life through every stage.

Being pro-age is seeking wellness, and happiness, not in spite of age, but because of it. 

How Do I Become Pro-Age?

If you’re ready to embrace the pro-age movement, here are the first 3 steps you can take.

  • Start Small

If you’re used to heavy coverage in your makeup routine, it can be challenging to uproot those habits. And you don’t have to. 

Pro-age is all about loving oneself. The pro-age movement is breaking down the fear, and the negative connotations that come with aging skin. It’s not anti-makeup, it’s just pro-YOU! 

We want you to feel good in your skin. If you use makeup for a little bit of self expression, or to give you a little boost of confidence, that’s OK. Be yourself, and love yourself! But do it for you

Instead of encouraging you to become something you’re not, (as most beauty brand messaging suggests you should), learn to embrace the beautiful body, and beautiful skin that carried you through this life. 

Start small. When you look in the mirror, pick out 1 thing you admire, and say it out loud. Positive self talk is important in the pro-age process.

  • Positivity

From a young age, most women have been trained to notice their flaws, and focus on their insecurities. This can make it really difficult to stay positive, especially as we age. 

Sexism, and ageism are incredibly prevalent in the way society views women over 50. Rather than being embraced for their growing wisdom, and grace, in many industries, aging women are discarded, and discounted because their appearance has changed. 

There will be challenges with becoming pro-age. For example, you might need to fight against your own implicit bias. Additionally, outsiders might still approach you with ageism, and an anti-age rhetoric. This is where we think positive messaging can change the conversation. In these moments, try to uplift, to educate, and to embrace.   

  • Take A Look Around

Who is in your circle? Are you surrounded by others who embrace the essence of being pro-age, even if they don’t realize it? 

Naturally, the people you surround yourself with will often have an underlying influence on the way you think. Having a pro-age conversation with someone you trust can be a great way to express any fears, or insecurities in a healthy, progressive way. 

Strive to learn more about the women around you — women of all ages. You might begin to notice what a wonderful impact a pro-age rhetoric has on the self-confidence, and self-acceptance of women in any stage of life. 

You can also look outside your circle to continue the pro-age conversation. You might even be inspired to share your own pro-age story!

Don’t Stop Trying

This doesn’t come easy for most. To be pro-age is to be honest and vulnerable with yourself, and to practice kindness, and compassion towards yourself and others. 

It’s often easier said than done. But by embracing pro-age, you will be embracing growth.

You have permission to find joy in every stage of life. Take it.

By giving yourself permission to enjoy the signs of aging, your focus will shift, and you can begin to enjoy life even more. 

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