How to do a Home Detox Face Lifting Facial Massage

How to do a Home Detox Face Lifting Facial Massage

A day at the spa and getting a facial nowadays might still be out of quarantine-reach. Whether you want to save money, or you just have more time on your hands at home to try new things, you’ve come to the right place to learn about how to do an at-home detox face lifting facial massage.

What is the purpose of a detox face lifting facial massage? 

Facial massages have a few key purposes that can really aid the wellbeing of mature skin. This method will help with essential anti-aging effects because of these three reasons:

  • Boosts Blood Flow: By increasing circulation in your face, you are also encouraging collagen production and cell renewal. This will keep your face looking fresh and youthful.
  • Tension Relief: If you’ve ever gotten a shoulder massage, you know what it feels like to achieve proper muscle relief. The same is true for the muscles in the face. We are constantly unknowingly tensing the muscles in our forehead, jaw, mouth, and eyes. Getting rid of that tension will help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Toxins Be-Gone: When you target the lymph nodes in your face and throat for drainage, you help with the release of toxin build-up.

To add to the ambiance of your at-home spa, try lighting a few candles, turning on some music, and practicing gratitude as you move through the motions.

Face Lifting Facial Massage:

  • With a plant-based oil of your choosing, pour a teaspoon of oil onto your hands, and lather your hands thoroughly. Next, apply the oil to your face and neck. 
  • Begin with the neck. Using your knuckles, gently drain downwards, targeting the lymph nodes. Repeat this motion multiple times until you begin to feel the relaxation of your neck. 
  • Next, place your hands at the bottom of your face, and push gently upwards towards your ears. This motion should occur on a diagonal angle, and make sure to repeat the motion multiple times. 
  • Targeting the muscles of the mouth, take your fingers and move them in small opposing circles around the mouth. 
  • Following the natural frown line, push your hands gently upward towards the eyes. Your hand motions should create a triangular shape. 
  • Next, fold your fingers in half, and using that part of your hand, push upwards from your jawline to your cheekbone. 
  • For more individualized attention, take both hands and push upwards on one cheek at a time. 
  • Next, sweep your hands from your tear duct towards the ears to absolve any undereye signs of aging. 
  • Targeting the frown lines in the eyebrows, press onto your eyebrows and push your hands in an outward motion.
  • Take both hands, and with fingers facing each other, place them over your temple, and pull in opposite directions. 
  • Repeat this same opposition motion horizontally across your forehead. The hands can overlap, and make sure to pull gently. 

With this detox face lifting facial massage, you’ll notice a renewed sense of firming in your skin, an added glow, and a total sense of vibrancy. 

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