How to Give your Eyes a Little Lift

The most delicate skin on your face is just under your eyes. It’s thinner than skin in other sections, and it’s not a lie to say that your eyes are the window to your soul. In fact, apart from your mouth, your eyes and the muscles around them are the most expressive part of your face! Decades of emotions and momentous life events that lead you to emote wildly and expressively can make the skin around your eyes loose. It’s the sign of an emotional life well-lived. 

With that being said, if you’d like a little lift so that your eyes appear even brighter, we have the routine just for you. Now more than ever, there are dozens of skincare creams that promise to firm, lift, and fill the wrinkles and skin under your eyes, and, for an older woman, there’s no better product than those made by Fiera. Our Apple Cream is composed of stem cells from a rare apple tree along with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E in order to support elasticity in the skin and to promote tightening, smoothing out wrinkles anywhere that you apply it. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in our bodies, but the amount produced naturally decreases over time with age. Applying more can assist with giving your skin the youthful bounce that it had before.

Consistent usage is important when trying to revive your skin. Just using the product once or twice won’t have the effect that you probably are desiring. So, even if it doesn’t work immediately, have faith! It can take four to six weeks for creams containing hyaluronic acid to begin working in earnest but don’t worry since most creams also contain compounds that help provide an immediate (though temporary) lift while the more permanent effects are hard at work coming into effect.

For those who don’t care for creams, though, there’s always our Citrus Serum. It works in a similar way to the Apple Cream but instead uses stem cells from oranges in order to provide the same firming and lifting effects. However, this time it’s in a hydrating mist that you spritz on once a day instead of applying a cream. It contains Caribbean orange oil that acts as an antioxidant skin protector, warding off the effects of aging. In addition, it also contains sodium hyaluronate which is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid which is able to retain more water than any other naturally occurring compound in the world! This will tighten the lines under your eyes and provide your skin that highly desired plumpness.

When trying to achieve that youthful look, it’s important to have patience and just keep going! Our products will help you on your way, and the 93% of customers who tell us they would buy from us again should inspire the confidence needed to begin lifting, tightening, and firming the skin under your eyes with our creams and serums. Be sure to check our site often this holiday season for some truly spectacular deals!

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