How to Look Good on a Video Call

How to Look Good on a Video Call

Who knew we would all be worried about looking good on a video call? Who knew we would even spend this much time on video calls in general? Maybe you haven’t mastered the video call “look” yet, so we’re here to lend a hand.

There are a few things you need to consider when attending a video call. In this article, we’ll try to cover them all.

What You Need To Know:

  • Lighting: Good lighting is critical for a quality video call. If you sit in a room with an overhead light, try not to sit directly underneath it. Overhead lighting can cast a shadow on your face, accentuating any fine lines and wrinkles. In terms of lighting, your best bet for a great video call will be natural light. That means sitting in front of a window on a sunny day. If natural light is not an option, just make sure the lighting around you is warm. Anything too harsh can wash you out, and look rather unflattering. 


  • Angle: If you’re on a desktop, managing the angle of your video call is a bit easier. With a desktop, all you need to do is make sure your face is level with the camera. To do so, consider placing your laptop on a higher surface, or (safely) on top of a set of wide books. Things are slightly different when it comes to mobile phones, though. On a mobile phone, you will want to make sure that the camera is angled level with your face, or slightly above your face. If you hold the camera below your face, you will likely get a less flattering appearance. If you don’t prefer to hold your phone, consider getting a tripod so you can be absolutely hands-free.


  • Makeup: Sometimes, a little makeup can be a good confidence boost. If you want to look more awake, and appear excited to be there, pop on a bit of makeup! You don’t need much, but a little bit can go a long way. Concealer can be a great way to cover up any fine lines, wrinkles, or problem spots quickly, and easily. You can secure the concealer with a light dusting of finishing powder. With these two things, your skin tone will look even, and absolutely camera ready.


  • Background: To ensure that your video call looks professional, make sure your background is clean and organized. If the background in your video call is too distracting, it can pull away from the task at hand. You can often see your personal video before joining the call, at which point you should triple check the backdrop for your video call.


  • Outfit: Perhaps for obvious reasons, a strapless top is not the way to go for a video call. To look nice, and put together, choose a top with a flattering (and conservative) neckline, and a solid color that will compliment your eyes. Just like with the background, a top with a busy pattern might pull focus. You can always doll it up with a bit of jewelry, and you’ll be looking fabulous in no time!

To be camera-ready without much notice, make sure you moisturize twice a day and drink ample water. Those are two of the best (and easiest) things you can do for your skin. For additional products and advice, Fièra Cosmetics is here to help with any and all mature skincare needs. 

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