How to Make Your Skin Look Great Without Makeup

How to Make Your Skin Look Great Without Makeup

Makeup is a great way to enhance your natural beauty. Makeup can be a wonderful form of self-expression and is a fabulous art form that many people enjoy. For most, makeup is likely something you apply to make your skin look better. But oftentimes, the more work you do on your skincare, the less makeup you’ll find yourself using. 

If you’re wondering what you should add to your skincare routine to yield the best results possible, you’ve come to the right place. 

Products That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Rose Quartz Roller: After your morning face wash, take this rose quartz roller and gently glide it over your face and neck, reaching the crevasses around your eyes, and up to your hairline. It’s a natural relaxant for your face and will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness while instigating circulation, and evening out your skin tone. For an extra boost of relief, keep the roller in the freezer.

Serum: For the next step in your skincare routine, try this anti-aging citrus serum. What makes it special? The citrus stem cells! These plant-based stem cells work hard to repair your skin, and enhance the appearance, and feel of your face. Simply spritz this antioxidant a few times twice a day on your face, and enjoy the results. 

Moisturizer: As we know, moisturizer is probably the most important step in your skincare routine. Towards the end of your skincare routine, make sure to apply moisturizer liberally to your face and neck. When using a moisturizer for mature skin, it’s important to use a product that consists of active ingredients made to delay signs of aging, and send you glowing. This anti-aging apple cream does exactly that. With the restorative power of apple stem cells, the preservation power of vitamins A & C, combined with the soothing power of natural hemp oil, and hydrolyzed collagen, this moisturizer packs a rehydrating punch. 

Sunscreen: This is the second most important step in your skin care routine. After everything is said and done, you should apply sunscreen to your face, neck, and ears. Even if you’re not prone to burning, sun damage can happen to anyone. SPF 30 is ideal for the face and will help protect against additional wrinkles or signs of aging. Even if it’s not the season for sunscreen, it’s a good habit to get into. 

With these simple steps, your skin will begin to glow once again. Soon enough, even if you choose to use makeup, you’ll notice that you don’t need it!

Buy All-Natural 

As we mentioned, it’s important that skincare solutions for mature skin include active ingredients built to restore, rehydrate, and protect. What’s also important is buying products that are made with all natural ingredients, and all natural methods. 

What does that mean? For Fièra Cosmetics, creating all-natural products means skincare solutions that are BHA & BHT free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. 

For more products made with your skin in mind, explore all Fièra Cosmetics has to offer! For more skincare tips and tricks, click here.

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