Ideas for Gifts for Your Friends that Aren't Things

Ideas for Gifts for Your Friends that Aren't Things

With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is rushing to figure out the perfect gifts for all of their family and friends. From the efficient but somewhat impersonal gift card to the handmade and personalized DIY gifts, people give all sorts of things to their loved ones.

However, if you want your gift to stand out from the crowd, then consider giving something that isn’t actually a thing. Your gift doesn’t have to be something tangible in order for it to mean a great deal to the person you’re giving it to.

Girls’ Night Out

Everyone loves hanging out with friends, so you could easily plan a night out on the town with dinner on you.

Better yet, you could plan a shopping trip to your friend’s favorite store and promise to pick up their tab. (To a reasonable degree, of course!) But, if they’re your good friend, then the “being reasonable” part will go without saying.

Adult life is busy and it can be tricky to come up with a time to just spend with your friends. So, just the promise of definitely being able to hang out with your friends at some point can be an amazing gift!

House Cleaning Company

This isn’t suggesting that you hire someone to come and clean your friend’s house–though that could be another good gift, too!–but instead is suggesting that you and your friend work together to get the job done.

This, of course, is very dependent on the kind of person that your friend is. But if you know she’s the type to enjoy putting some music on, setting out some snacks, and cleaning up the whole house together, then this could be a great experience for her.

You both may be typically keeping your place clean anyway, so you might as well do it together and make an event out of it!

Give Back

If you know that your friend is very involved in a certain charitable organization, then you could also consider giving to her by giving your money or time to the charity that she spends so much time working with.

If you have time, more than just donating money to the organization, you could even donate your time and do it along with your friend.

Time is a truly limited resource, which makes shared time a very powerful gift.

Some Self-Confidence Back

Just because you can give things other than things as gifts, though, doesn’t mean that traditional gifts are any less heartfelt. 

Fièra’s products are specially designed for mature women, and they can help to give back some of the youthful qualities of her skin. 

So, if you’ve noticed that your friend is using products that aren’t made for her skin, then consider gifting her the Fièra Beauty Bundle so she can sample a large number of products or any one of our amazing items!

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