If you're Over 40, Apply your Undereye Concealer Like This

If you're Over 40, Apply your Undereye Concealer Like This

Most makeup hacks are made for the younger crowd while older women just have to try these hacks out and make them work for them. Your skin changes as you age, and that means that certain makeup hacks don’t work for your skin in the same way they might work for your daughter.

It’s just like how extra products are necessary to make products work their best, like setting sprays for concealers to make sure that concealers don’t settle into fine lines after some time passes.

Previously, you may have seen concealer applied in a large triangle under the eyes. This Kardashian method is becoming outdated, and under mature eyes, it may look cakey and overdone.

Now, a more minimalistic, no-makeup-makeup look has taken hold in the modern makeup world, and it’s perfect for more mature women.

The Hack

To begin, you’ll want to grab your usual daytime skincare routine products and continue as normal until you get to your concealer. It’s important that you put on moisturizer or another moisturizing product before applying any makeup for the day. 

For more concealer application tips, give this article a read. It’s important to understand how to maximize your concealer’s potential to make sure that every hack works.

When applying the concealer, apply only a little bit to the inner corner of your eye and move your finger in a motion that will take the concealer almost down the path of your nose. You don’t want it on your nose, but you want to follow the general slope.

After that, you want to apply more concealer under your eye, but don’t blend with your finger downwards. Instead, apply upwards to the outer corner of your eye, effectively going the opposite direction of the first location you applied concealer.

This concealer trick is designed to give you a “fox eye,” that seems to curve up at the edges. This will lift your eyes, making them look youthful and gorgeous. Because it is more minimalist, you also don’t need to worry about a thick layer of undereye concealer seeping into wrinkles and aging your face.


By doing this, you’ll have flawless concealer coverage!

Using the Right Concealer

Just doing a hack won’t always make you look your best, though. You’re not slacking, so make sure that your concealer isn’t either. Using a poor quality concealer can make even the best makeup tips look like they’re not working.

Fièra Luxury Concealer is specifically made with older women in mind, so our product will cater to your mature skin in a way most other luxury or drugstore cosmetics won’t. They include ingredients that will work to firm and improve your skin while still acting as a high quality, luxury concealer.

Our concealer comes in five shades to match your skin tone, and, if you find that the shade you order doesn’t match, then you can return the product up to thirty days after receiving it. We want our customers to love their experience with our product and with our company.

Generally, women do love the results, and they’re happy to share them with us!

Check out the following reviews from real customers:

This goes on very smoothly without caking and without highlighting the milia under my eyes (this is the only concealer that doesn’t do this!).

Absolutely love this product…

“I love the way my skin feels and looks! It’s easy to apply and I can have my make up completed in 15 minutes. It looks good the rest of the day! This is the second time I have ordered the group of three tubes!”

Our concealer has a 4.6/5 star rating with over 5.7k reviews! That’s a lot of satisfied women loving their new concealer.

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