Makeup Trends to Avoid After 40

Makeup Trends to Avoid After 40

If you're in your 40s or beyond, you've most likely reached a point in your life where specific trends just don't cut it anymore. After 4+ decades, you've seen them all: the false eyelashes, the heavy foundation, the cartoonish concealer (even though you still have dark circles under your eyes). 

This article offers advice on what to avoid to keep you looking fresh and young without looking overdone.

Foundation or Concealer That’s Too Heavy

Foundation or concealer that’s too thick and heavy can cake around your skin and settle around your lines, enhancing features you’d rather minimize.

For a flawless, smooth base, apply a good quality moisturizer directly before applying your foundation and/or concealer. A good primer can help achieve a smoother look, too.

Choose a product that gives you the full coverage you need, without the heaviness or creasing. Fièra Luxury Concealer makes this easy, with a formula specifically designed to conceal the signs of aging without caking or creasing in fine lines or wrinkles. 

You can further up your makeup game by using a soft and wide brush or makeup sponge to apply foundation. This enables more even-looking coverage that won’t call attention to fine lines.

Powder Foundations & Blushes

No matter how oily your skin is, you must have noticed how it’s drier than it used to be. This is a natural part of aging that can be fixed with the right makeup products. If you’re used to powder blushes and foundations, it may be time to experiment with their cream versions. Using powder can aggravate your skin’s dryness and make your lines look more prominent. 

In contrast, cream makeup and blushes with hydrating ingredients can give a softer look that smooths over fine lines instead of exaggerating them.

If you use a powder to set your makeup, choose one specifically made for and tested on mature skin. Fièra’s HD Matte Finishing Powder helps to blur any lasting imperfections and set makeup without settling. For the best value, try our Beauty Basics, which includes our Luxury Concealer, Concealer Brush, Finishing Powder and Powder Brush. It’s all you need for the perfect base.

Bright Eyeshadow

Bright eyeshadow may have been all the rage in the 80s and 90s but they may not be the best choice after 40. Bright eyeshadow can make those of us in our 40s look tired and dated. 

Of course, you can still wear eyeshadow - but pick shades in more flattering neutral shades that complement your skin tone. If you love glittery eyeshadow, choose products that use fine shimmer - rather than glitter. Glitter can fall into lines and highlight them!

Dark-Colored Lipstick

Dark lipstick can look dramatic but as we age, it can make us look older. Those deep reds, dark purples, and chocolate browns can work against you. 

What colors should you pick instead? Go for natural shades that work well with the natural color of your lips. It may mean lighter shades of pink, salmon, or mauve. If there’s a dark-colored lipstick you’re having trouble letting go of, check if it comes in a color that’s a few shades lighter.

Before You Go: Remember “Soft” and “Natural”

The keywords to remember for wearing makeup in your 40s and beyond are “soft” and “natural.” This is because our features tend to become more well-defined as we get older. We should thus opt for makeup and looks that soften our features and make our skin look smoother.

If you’re just entering your 40s and have yet to master applying makeup, don’t worry. It will come to you with time and practice. However, this list of trends to avoid and how to let makeup work for you will certainly see you off to a good start!

The Fiéra Beauty Basics Set is the first step to achieving a soft and natural look with our Luxury Concealer that is great for full coverage with minimal application base to our HD Matte Finishing Powder that gives a flawless base. These products are the perfect combination if you are cruising into your 40s as they contain ingredients that don’t only make you look good but are beneficial to your skin over time. 

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