Making a Difference with Second Harvest

Making a Difference with Second Harvest

Fièra Cosmetics’ mission is to bring high quality and cruelty-free products to our customers at a fair price, while also doing our part to give back and support our local communities. That is why we’ve partnered with Second Harvest, so that we can do just that! For every single tube of concealer that we sell, a portion of the proceeds is donated to provide a healthy meal to a child in need.

We are very excited to announce and celebrate here with the Fièra Family that we have donated over 35,000 nutritious meals to children and communities in need!

We’ve been able to give back and do our small part in the world by redefining how things work in the beauty industry. In an industry dominated by corporate greed, it is most often the brands with the multi-million dollar advertising budget that get promoted to consumers, rather than the products that offer the best results. At Fièra Cosmetics we chose a different approach: instead of paying for expensive advertising campaigns and premium shelf space in retail stores, we decided to sell online and let our customer reviews do the selling for us. This enables us to sell high quality products at a fair price while also giving back to our local communities.

Second Harvest is a food rescue organization and global thought leader on food recovery. Their vision is: No Waste. No Hunger. Their mission: Grow an efficient food recovery network to fuel people and reduce the environmental impacts of avoidable food waste.

Second Harvest works alongside farms and retail chains to intercept unsold surplus food before it is unnecessarily disposed of in landfill sites. This fresh and nutritious food–mainly dairy, produce, and protein– is then redistributed through a network of non-profit local community organizations including school programs, senior centers, food banks, and shelters. Their work simultaneously provides local underprivileged communities access to healthy food, while also reducing the negative environmental impact of food waste. Since Second Harvest began in 1985, they have rescued and redistributed over 155 million pounds of fresh food, which hasn’t only fed hungry communities but has also stopped the unnecessary release of 192 million pounds of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, helping to reduce the progression of climate change.

Through their food recovery programs they are able to provide 43,000 meals per day! Included in these numbers is their support in the Feeding our Future, a free summer program which prepares and delivers healthy lunches to children attending city summer camps who normally receive subsidized lunches during the school year. Through their efforts they are able to provide 41,000 lunches to 2,400 hungry kids this summer.

All of this is able to happen through those who donate food and funds to the organization. At Fiera we are proud to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile cause, and our donations couldn’t happen without the Fiera Family! On behalf of Fiera and Second Harvest, thank you to all of our customers for helping us redefine we do things in the beauty industry and give back.

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