Most Common Skincare Mistakes

Most Common Skincare Mistakes

Anyone trying to get their start in skincare will likely be overwhelmed with copious amounts of information, products, and recommendations. That’s why we choose to focus specifically on what you need to know to take care of your mature skin. 

In this article, we will point out some of the most common skincare mistakes, and what you can do instead. 

Retinol during the day

Retinol is a great anti-aging solution for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is a very strong substance, so if you are using it, you are probably using it in small doses. The most important thing to know about retinol though is that you should not use it during the day. Retinol makes your skin super susceptible to sun damage and therefore is best used in your overnight skincare routine.

No sunscreen

While we are discussing sun damage, let’s talk about sunscreen. Oftentimes, people who do not get “burned” do not see a need for sunscreen. The truth, though, is that anyone can get sunburnt even if you don’t turn a lobster shade of red. Sun damage does not discriminate, and anyone can get skin cancer from excessive sun damage. Applying sunscreen on a daily basis is a great habit to get into. It will also protect you from additional fine lines or wrinkles. 

The importance of the neck

Many people apply their moisturizer, and sunscreen solely to their face. But applying both of these things to your neck is equally as important. To prevent any additional wrinkles on your neck, and to practice anti-aging solutions everywhere, just make sure to spread the love! 

Popping blemishes

Perhaps you haven’t experienced acne since adolescents, but anyone can get a blemish every now and then. If you find yourself experiencing blemishes, leave them alone. Popping, or scratching at blemishes will open your wound to dirt, oils, and make it more difficult for the skin to heal quickly and properly. Most blemishes will go away on their own, or after a light exfoliation. 

Harsh masks

Likewise, if you feel the need to clean up your pores, avoid harsh face masks. Any mask that you have to peel off of your face will likely peel off the epidermis too. While it’s ripping any dirt from your pores, it is doing more harm than good. For more, check out our article about what other drug store products you should avoid.

Using dirty makeup brushes

We understand. Washing your makeup brushes frequently is tedious, and frankly, a pain. Plus, you don’t necessarily notice how dirty they are, so it can be an easy thing to overlook, but cleaning your makeup brushes after every few uses is a simple way to ensure your skin will be cleaner, and healthier right away. 

In Conclusion

If you’ve made any of these mistakes in the past, don’t worry, you are not alone. Luckily, most of these mistakes have simple solutions that you can start practicing today. 

The bottom line is this: use skincare products that are built for mature skin. Don’t worry about going overboard with loads of skincare products, or crazy skincare routines. With these common mistakes corrected and the right moisturizer that is made with mature skin in mind, you will be amazed at the changes you will see in your skin’s health and wellness. For more tips and tricks about mature skincare, click here.

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