Neck Pain? Your Posture May be to Blame

Neck Pain? Your Posture May be to Blame

The occasional body ache is not a foreign concept to most people. In fact, many people experience joint pain and muscle fatigue quite frequently. Genetics aside, certain lifestyles and habits can be a cause and indication of why you are experiencing neck pain. In this article, we’ll review a common cause of neck pain and how to manage it.

Taking Note of your Posture

Do you find yourself slouching often? Can you notice if your hips dip backward? Do you usually stand with your weight leaning onto one leg?

These are just a few common tendencies that can all result in the misalignment of your posture. There are a few tendencies in particular that will significantly impact your neck pain.

  • Holding tension in your shoulders: You might notice this if your shoulders are rounded forward, or if you struggle to relax your shoulders away from your ears.
  • Looking down at a computer (or phone) all day: This comes as no surprise, but looking downward at your devices can cause tension in your neck and shoulders. 
  • “Hands-free”: We’re referring to the practice of cradling your phone using your shoulder and your ear. If you love to multitask while on the phone, you might find yourself using your shoulder and your ear to hold your phone in place. This can pull at the wrong neck muscles and cause uneven tension.
  • Sleeping the “wrong” way: If you have ever woken up and noticed you “slept wrong”, you probably mean that you put your neck in an uncomfortable position and are now feeling the results. 
  • Hauling around a heavy bag on one shoulder: While a big purse can be great for a long day, it can be awful for your neck. If you can’t wear a backpack instead, make sure to switch the bag from one shoulder to the other whenever possible. 

How To Fix It

There are plenty of stretches that you can do to ease the pain you might be feeling in your neck, and the first step towards “fixing it” is to be aware of your posture.

To avoid neck pain completely, try to avoid the activities listed above, and make time to stretch in the morning and at night. If neck pain persists, consult your doctor about seeing a chiropractor, or masseuse. 

Give Your Neck a Little Love

In order to help your posture, it may help to ease pain. One way to ease pain will be taking time in the evening and morning to pamper your neck with an effective, relaxing neck cream and massage.

A neck cream can offer anti-aging perks while also giving you some time to pamper an area that often becomes a hot bed for tension.

Ways To Accentuate Your Posture (For the Better)

A great posture will elongate your neck, making it appear more feminine and noticeable. Regardless of your situation, this is made possible with the Fièra Neck Cream

The Fièra Neck Cream is designed to reduce the signs of aging by utilizing active ingredients such as shea butter, willow bark extract, glycerin, green tea extract, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, squalene, and glycolic acid.

With these ingredients, the neck cream will hydrate, tighten, and smooth the skin on your neck, therefore creating an appearance of postural elegance, even while you work through the root of your neck pain. 

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