Our Favorite Older Women Celebrity Makeup Looks

“Age is but a number:” the well-known saying is probably overused, but it rings true! Makeup can be a form of art, self-expression, beauty enhancement, or just a way to have fun. Makeup knows no age, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


To keep up with the cliche phrases, let’s “lead by example.” We’re here to show you some iconic women who embrace lovely looks, and might serve as a little makeup inspiration. For any woman over the age of 50 looking for a few new makeup ideas, you’ve come to the right place. 


Top 7 Celebrity Makeup Looks:

These women are being featured (in no particular order) because despite their age, they have continued to sport a variety of glamorous, fresh, and classy makeup looks that truly anyone can adopt. Let’s take a closer look.


  • Helen Mirren: This actress knows how to smize. With her bright blue eyes popping quite naturally, she doesn’t opt to add much eyeshadow or eyeliner. Instead, she often matches a rosy blush, with a bold lip to achieve a simple, elegant look. For any woman looking to try this style, try adding a tad bit of bronzer to help emphasize the cheerful blush.

  • Vanessa Williams: This singer / actress never seems to age. She keeps her makeup choice quite simple, accenting her beautiful eyes with a bit of eyeliner, or eyeshadow. The thing that makes Vanessa Williams stand out with her makeup choice is her use of a dewey, fresh look. Using a dewy foundation and/or concealer to give a lush, even skin tone, and a sheer highlighter to accent the cheekbones, and jawline, will achieve this look well. 

  • Meryl Streep: Throughout her career, Meryl Streep has kept a very classic aesthetic, which is a great option for almost any woman to try. She often keeps her lipstick choice in the neutral shades, and uses a bit of blush to highlight those incredible cheekbones! For women who are especially new to makeup, or who want to keep their makeup look more on the natural side, Meryl Streep is a great example of how to do it well. 

  • Diana Ross: There’s no doubt that Diana Ross fully embraces style, glitz, and glam, in the classiest of ways. Back in the day, her makeup tendencies used to aim more towards the eyes, using fun colored eyeshadows and more eyeliner. Her beautiful hair has always complimented whatever look she’s chosen, as it still does today! Nowadays, with a smidge of eye makeup, and a red or pink lip, Diana Ross still sparkles.

  • Dolly Parton: One of the most iconic singers of her generation, Dolly Parton has always had the hair and the makeup to match. Known in part for her eccentric look, Dolly Parton embraces lots of color in her makeup regime. Whether it be a smokey eye with a neutral lip, or a bright lip with a lighter eye, she always goes bold. You might think a look like hers would be difficult for just anyone to pull off, but if you like color, and you want to live boldly through makeup, give it a shot! 

  • Blythe Danner: This actress has quite a timeless, seemingly effortless style that just screams graceful. With a touch of some eyeliner, and mascara on both the top and bottom eyelashes she accents her big eyes quite nicely. For women that have a bit of makeup knowledge, but want to try something new, this would be a good style to attempt.

  • Rita Moreno: This Hollywood star, and absolutely stunning actress is the definition of timeless. Rita Moreno tends to focus her makeup on the eyes, using a balanced combination of darker eyeliner and eyeshadow to feature a strong, while refined appearance. Note: Rita Moreno also wears glasses! Many women might think that heavier eye makeup might not work with glasses, but Rita Moreno is a perfect example of why that just isn’t true.

Fiera knows how to cater towards women of every age. Feeling beautiful, and confident in your own skin is important, throughout any stage of life. 


In addition to these makeup recommendations, there are a few things every woman over 50 can do to help their skin look and feel the best that it can be:


  • Sunscreen: Applying SPF every day, no matter what, will help protect your skin from damage, and additional fine lines or wrinkles. 
  • Moisturizer: Using moisturizer twice a day will relieve your skin of any dryness, and help maintain softness, and balance for any skin type.
  • Hydration: Drinking ample water on a daily basis will also help your skin shine, in the best way possible. Do your skin that favor, at the very least.

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