Reasons for Dark Eye Circles

Reasons for Dark Eye Circles

Whether you seem to always have dark under-eye circles, or you notice them getting worse, this article might shed a little light on why.

Whether it is genetic, or a lifestyle habit, we’re going to review a few of the most common causes of dark under-eye circles.


If you have had dark circles for as long as you can remember, it is probably because of genetics. If you notice dark under-eye circles are common amongst your family members, it will come as no surprise that you were just predisposed to this trait. There are still things you can do to help smooth the area, and blend your color out, but try not to be disappointed if they do not disappear completely. 


Hyperpigmentation occurs when parts of your skin change in tone, while others don’t. Hyperpigmentation is commonly caused by excessive sun exposure, which can be the same reason for dark circles. The increase of melanin production during sun overexposure can cause the surrounding regions to become darker. To combat this, always wear sunscreen and sunglasses or a hat if you can when outdoors. 

Visible Veins

If your skin tone is on the lighter side, you might notice that your veins are more visible than most. If this occurs around the eyes, that can be the reason for darker pigmentation. Though it might be more visible for those with lighter skin tones, it is possible for anyone to experience visible veins as we age, due to the natural thinning of the skin.


Are your dark circles worse during a specific season? Allergies can be a common cause for dark circles due to all the irritation that frequently occurs in and around the eyes. If your allergies make your eyes itchy, or puffy, rubbing them will only make the dark circles potentially worse. If you can help it, avoid touching your eyes, and ask your doctor about eye drop relief. 


This might be the most obvious reason of all. When we do not get enough sleep, it shows. Oftentimes, it shows in the form of dark under-eye circles. Sleep is so important for healing, and restoration. A lack of sleep likely means you are also overworking your eyes. Too much strain on the eyes from excessive screen time, or lack of sleep, can result in these dark under-eye circles. The best thing you can do: get some rest! 

Smoking or Drinking Alcohol

A commonly overlooked side effect of excessive smoking and drinking alcohol can be dark under-eye circles. To put it simply, when participating in either of these activities, your body has to work overtime on its other organs. The time and energy pulled away from natural bodily regulation will have domino effects, including dark circles. Practice moderation, and talk to your doctor for additional guidance about lifestyle habit maintenance. 


Just like sleep, we all need a lot of water. Water can do almost immediate wonders for your skin, and your overall health. While cleansing your body of any toxins, it also brings clarity to your skin. On average, adults should be consuming eight cups of water per day. With this small change in habit, you might notice some skin tone evening, and strengthening. 

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