Second Harvest and Food Rescue US Announcement

At Fiera, we strive to provide the best skin and makeup products for you, while giving back to our communities in a real, substantial way. For this reason, we have been in partnership with Second Harvest for three years now. For every tube of our concealer that is sold in Canada, a portion of the proceeds is donated in order to provide a healthy meal to people in need. Our partnership with Food Rescue US has also enabled us to achieve the same goal by donating portions of US sales.


We are extremely pleased to announce that the combined effort with Second Harvest and Food Rescue US has allowed us to provide over 78,503 meals to people in need. 


We are very glad that we are able to give back to our community through our passion for providing quality products. At Fiera’s core, we strive to deconstruct the prejudices and negativity surrounding beauty, and design products that are pro-age and help your already beautiful self shine. We also aim to give this quality to you at a fair price and allow our customers to have a greater say. This is why we took a different path and decided to sell our products online instead of going down the road of retail stores and expensive ad campaigns that can alienate us from our customers. Our reviews and the word of our customers is what helps us sell; an authentic and honest way to get you the beauty and skincare you deserve. Through our efforts, it is exciting to see that our sales have enabled us to give back to our communities. 


Second Harvest is Canada’s largest food rescue charity, with a mission to protect the environment while also providing hunger relief. They redistribute nutritious food to many communities across Canada. In 35 years they have been able to rescue 155 million pounds of healthy food, preventing it from going to waste which prevented 192 million pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. This is what defines their vision: “No Waste. No Hunger.”, a powerful goal in the current state of our world, that has brought an impactful change in a large community. 


Food Rescue US is an organization committed to reducing food waste in America and bringing healthy food to communities that require it. Due to their smart, mobile-based system, they are able to bring fresh food from grocers and restaurants to those living with food insecurity. They have saved 64 million pounds of food going to waste and delivered 47 million fresh meals, with their technology and volunteer-driven work. Their vision of “Fill Plates. Not Landfills.” resonates with us here at Fiera, where we are glad to be working with an organization as devoted as this.  


It gives us great pleasure to work with organizations that are so dedicated to their vision, and do our part while providing you with the best quality products. We greatly look forward to continuing our work with Second Harvest and Food Rescue US. We want to thank you, our customers, on behalf of Fiera, Second Harvest, and Food Rescue US, for understanding our vision and helping us give back to our community. Thank you.

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