The Benefits of Using Serum Daily

The Benefits of Using Serum Daily

There are so many products on the market that promise youthful, dewy skin at the drop of a hat. But how many types of products do you really need? Let’s get down to the basics. In this article, we’ll review what the baseline of skincare should be and why that includes a good serum. 

Your Everyday Routine:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Serum
  3. Moisturizer
  4. SPF



After removing any makeup, it’s important to wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt or excess oil and help give your face a clean slate.

Depending on your skin type, there are a variety of cleansers that can help meet your needs.

Generally, it is best to go with a gentle cleanser and one that does not contain any small beads. The plastic in the beads can be harmful to your face, and it is never a good idea to use products that include plastic as a part of their product – beware!

Once or twice a week you can also follow up your cleanser with an exfoliant to give your face the deeper clean it needs. 


Using a good serum should be the next step in your skincare routine.

A good serum will help with increasing hydration while decreasing hyperpigmentation, and fine lines or wrinkles.

Specifically, the Citrus Stem C Serum by Fiera Cosmetics also helps with protecting and preserving the skin as well as increasing the skin’s elasticity. 

One customer even described the following results when using the Citrus C Serum:

“I had already bought the concealer and the stem cell cream and since they both were doing such a terrific job; decided to buy the serum. I’m turning 63 and from sun exposure and aging have pesky dark spots especially between eye and upper cheek. I have tried other spot creams/serums and they haven’t worked. I’ve been using this 2 1/2 weeks now: my spots have definitely lightened and my skin looks better overall. Now when I put concealer over the spots you can barely see them whereas before you could. Will definitely keep using this product along with the others.” – Kathleen S.

Hyperpigmentation and sunspots can be frustrating to try to get rid of. By using a serum on a daily basis, you can protect and hydrate your skin while also diminishing signs of aging and discoloration. 


Potentially the most obvious necessity in the skincare routine, aside from cleanser, is the use of a moisturizer. Regardless of your skin type, making sure your skin is properly hydrated is a key to good skin health. 

Moisturization is especially important after taking a hot shower or bath. Hot water can dry your skin out very quickly, so using a good moisturizer on your face and your body after you shower can help mitigate some of those results. 


Another extremely important product for the basis of your skincare practice is SPF.

It’s never too late to protect your skin from the sun.

Using SPF on a daily basis will help prevent the signs of sun damage, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines or wrinkles. Preventative skincare is as important as restorative skincare.

Regardless of your skin tone or the weather outside, you should protect your skin with SPF. 

By using these baseline skincare products every day, you’ll provide the proper nourishment and care your skin needs. 

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