These Natural Ingredients Can Give Your Skin the Radiance It Needs

These Natural Ingredients Can Give Your Skin the Radiance It Needs

Nature already has everything we need to keep our skin healthy and nourished, no matter your age is. There are some incredibly potent foods that can be used easily in your daily diet to give your skin a natural glow, because good skin always starts from within.

So here we have a list of items that you can easily find in your kitchens. These are things that you should always be consuming more of!


We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away — but did you know that it especially keeps the dermatologist away? Here are some reasons why:

  1. Apples are rich in many vitamins and minerals, and aid digestion and detoxification.
  2. They also improve blood circulation, which gives your skin a healthier glow.
  3. Eating apples brightens up your skin, improves its elasticity, and gets rid of excess oil.
  4. The Vitamin E in apples also makes your skin soft and supple by hydrating it.
  5. Apples also work as a natural toner, and help remove dark spots and wrinkles.

Keeping in mind all these benefits and more, we have created **The Fiera Apple Cream** that will give your skin its daily dose of the fruit’s goodness. Try it today and see the wonders for yourself!

Dark Chocolate

Do we need any more excuses to eat dark chocolate? Definitely not, but there are certainly a lot of good reasons you should — and these are not limited to just its taste.

  1. Dark Chocolate is the most powerful antioxidant found naturally, and it significantly helps with reducing blood pressure.
  2. Flavanols — antioxidants that are found in chocolate — protect your skin from sun damage. The higher the amount of flavanols in your chocolate, the lower the risk of damage due to exposure to the sun.
  3. Antioxidants also improve blood flow to the skin, which leads to improvements in skin hydration, smoothness, elasticity, and thickness.


One of the most commonly used household products in skin products is honey and for good reason.

  1. Honey is a rich source of antioxidants, and also has great antibacterial properties that help fight infections on your skin.
  2. Honey is a natural moisturizer and it seeps into your skin to soften it from within.
  3. It also acts as a gentle exfoliant, helps fight acne, and heals sunburns.
  4. It easily adds a natural glow to your skin and helps control wrinkles by maintaining your skin’s elasticity.

You can easily add honey to any homemade mask to enjoy all of its goodness, or just apply pure honey all over your face for 10 minutes, and enjoy your rejuvenated skin!

Green Tea

Stress is one of the most damaging factors when it comes to your body, but especially to its appearance — your skin always reflects your mind. Luckily, green tea is great to combat stress naturally.

  1. The extra goodness of green tea comes from its rich amount of antioxidants.
  2. It helps retain your skin’s collagen, which determines your skin’s elasticity and youthfulness.
  3. Green tea also helps fight sun damage, skin reddening, and reduces the risk of non-melanoma skin cancers.

This is why at Fiera, we have created a Neck Cream that has Green Tea as one of its active ingredients, to help you look glowing and youthful, naturally.

So get your hands on these items today, and enjoy the natural radiance of your healthy skin!

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