Things You're Doing Every Day that Might Be Causing More Wrinkles

Things You're Doing Every Day that Might Be Causing More Wrinkles

Many people use tonics and creams to ensure that their wrinkles don’t worsen with time.

There are, though, some things that you do every single day that cause wrinkles that you might not even think about.

All our tips have to do with using gravity to your advantage instead of your disadvantage. Because, while wrinkles are a natural occurrence and nothing to be embarrassed about, these habit changes can help you feel in control of your own appearance. 

Sleeping on Your Side

Everyone has their own preferred sleeping position, and many of us probably enjoy sleeping on our sides more than on our back. 

By sleeping on your side, you can form deep cleavage wrinkles that can merge with any wrinkles that you might have on your neck.

The reason why you form deep wrinkles around your cleavage while you sleep is because of the change of gravity with your breasts. This might not be a huge problem if you have a smaller chest size, but for women with a larger breast size, this can be a real problem.

When you’re standing upright, gravity acts downwards on your breasts equally, and they’re not squished in an unnatural position.

When you sleep on your side, though, the breast on top slumps against the one on the bottom as gravity pulls down heavily on it. This stresses the skin around your chest and can cause wrinkles.

Looking Down at Your Phone

Most of us hold our phones around the center of our chests or even in our laps when we’re sitting down. This, though, can also cause wrinkles.

When looking down at your phone, the skin around your neck is pressed against itself, and gravity begins to pull down at your skin at an angle that isn’t typical.

Think of your skin around your neck as a curtain that’s secured at the top and bottom. When the fabric is held upright and straight with it being stretched in both directions equally, then it lays completely flat. 

However, if it’s placed at an angle or if the bottom is moved closer to the top or vice versa, then folds will begin to form in the center of the curtain. 

The top of the curtain is your chin and the bottom of the curtain is around the area of your collarbone. The skin in between those sections folds in on itself.

Blow Drying Your Hair With Your Head Tilted

Getting all of your hair dry with a hairdryer can be a pain, especially the hair at the back of your head or closer to your head. Tilting your head makes this whole ordeal easier because you can make gravity pull at your hair to allow you to reach other places.

This makes your forehead follow the same drag of gravity, though, and can cause some serious wrinkles in the same manner that wrinkles can form on your neck when you look down at your phone.


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