Tips for Properly Cleansing your Face in the Night and Morning

Washing and cleaning your face properly can not only wake you up in the morning but also calm you down and leave you feeling perfectly refreshed for bed in the evening.

As tempting as it might be to use your morning routine for what you do at night and vice versa, it’s better for your skin’s health to use specific routines at each time of the day.

Why the Difference?

During the day, your skin is put through the wringer with having to deal with UV rays, environmental messes like dirt in the air, the natural oils it produces, the makeup you apply, and other stressors that can cause irritation.

Stressed-out skin means that your skin’s collagen (the substance in your body that keeps your face looking firm) becomes worn out, and your skin’s cells are also worn thin.

Continuously wearing out your skin and doing nothing to repair it can lead to you looking older than your years.

In the morning, you should focus on removing your nighttime products and your skin’s natural oils to make sure that the protective products you apply work the way that they’re intended and are not hampered.

Although you can’t protect your skin from all of the stressors present throughout the day, you can protect it from some such as UV rays, and you can moisturize to prevent your skin from drying out during the day.

At night, your skincare routine should focus on restoring and rejuvenating your skin so that you’ll feel fresher in the morning and ready to take on the day. It should encourage your skin to repair itself, letting you keep your youthful glow.

In the Morning…

When you first wake up, you should wash your face with a cleanser that will get rid of any oil that formed during the night and that will also remove any products that you applied the night before. 

Leaving products on for too long because you didn’t properly clean your face can be just as damaging as not putting them on at all, so it’s important to make sure that you clean your face well.

Cleaning your face properly will also keep your skin from becoming excessively oily throughout the day and will allow the moisturizer that you will apply before any other product to work properly.

If your pores aren’t clear, then the moisturizer won’t be able to seep into your skin properly, and it can mix with other products and leave your face feeling greasy.

Even if it’s not summertime, you should check to see if the products you’re applying have SPF protection in them, If not, then you need to add it in yourself.

If you wear makeup, then apply that next, but make sure that you’re using a good quality concealer as poor quality makeup can cause breakouts and skin irritation even if you do everything right.

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It works to protect and keep your skin looking as fresh as it did at the beginning of the day even at the very end.

If you don’t absolutely love it, then Fièra will offer a refund if a complaint is issued within 30 days of purchase.

At Night…

Your nighttime routine should focus on making sure that your skin has everything that it needs to repair and refresh itself while you sleep so that it’s ready for another day tomorrow.

Deep cleaning will get out all of the grime that accumulated over the day while nourishment will rejuvenate and prepare it for tomorrow.

Moisturizing at night is just as important as moisturizing in the morning, only this cream should be richer as you will allow it to seep in over the entire night.

You should also consider applying your anti-aging serums if you use any. Nighttime will allow the products to absorb better than in the day as your skin is as relaxed as it can be.

Eye creams should also be used at night as opposed to in the morning as there’s little risk of it getting into your eyes overnight if you’re not sweating in the summertime.

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