5 Tips for Creaseless Concealer Application

5 Tips for Creaseless Concealer Application

Tired of your concealer making your under-eye creases stand out? As your skin ages, the tricks you used to minimize imperfections and enhance your assets no longer apply. Instead, they now make you look older. It’s time to change things up to get the look you want for that inner glow of confidence.

Here’s how to make that application go more smoothly!

Tip 1 - Start with a Hydrating Skincare Regimen

The first step is in getting your skincare routine to serve your maturing skin. That means using products that deeply hydrate your skin, replenishing lost moisture and preventing it from seeping out. Cleanse gently with a non-drying formula, then add some antioxidants to help replenish skin. One with vitamin C like Fièra’s Citrus Stem Cell Serum is a great choice.

Next, it’s on to the moisturizer to lock in all that hydrating goodness. Try the Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer to really turn back the hands of time and give skin what it needs.

Tip 2 - Use a Concealer Made for Mature Skin

Once you give your skin the nourishment it needs to be hydrated and healthy, you need to swap out your concealer. Again, what you used when you were younger isn’t going to serve you well anymore. You need a concealer that is made for and tested on mature skin.

Tip 3 - Apply it in the Right Places

With your mature skin concealer, the next step is to apply it in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. You want to lightly do this and build up coverage as needed for the most natural appearance.

Tip 4 - Use the Right Setting Powder

Powders on aging skin tend to make fine lines look like cracked ridges. But if you choose a setting powder that is made for mature skin, it won’t leave you looking like that.

Tip 5 - Take It Easy with a Gentle Touch

The thing with mature skin is that you must handle it with care. Don’t tug or pull which will stretch your skin. Instead, use a soft touch. It helps to use quality brushes that are made for the proper application on your skin 

What to Use to Get the Look

Not sure where to get a concealer made for aging skin? Look to Fièra’s Beauty Basics package, a compilation of cosmetics scientifically formulated for mature skin. Featuring Luxury Concealer, HD Finishing Powder, and Concealer and Finishing Powder Brushes, you’ll have everything you need for a flawless finish that lasts all day.

With this kit, you will make expression lines, under-eye bags, and pesky blemishes virtually disappear. The coverage is amazing, plus it reduces flaking while restoring suppleness, adding more hydration to your skin rather than leaving it parched and aged. You’ll have absolutely everything you need to look your best with this makeup set, made exclusively for women over 40!

Fièra is committed to providing the best anti-aging skincare products for mature skin” and link anti-aging skincare products to https://fieracosmetics.com
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