Two Steps for a Flawless Face Over 40

Two Steps for a Flawless Face Over 40

You might think that beauty is reserved for the youth. This is a common misconception propagated by the media.  In this article, we’ll discuss our favorite two tips for looking camera ready later in life.

Your Makeup Routine

If you are not a lover of makeup, you might have decided that you’re done trying to learn it. Makeup, while it is a great form of self expression, can seem complicated to those who don’t think they know how to apply it. Fear not! The Fièra Cosmetics makeup is designed to give you long lasting coverage without any hassle. 

If you are a lover of makeup, you might already have an established makeup routine in place. While changing your routine can require a leap of faith, Fièra Cosmetics is committed to making your makeup routine easier. No need for excessive products, you can get flawless skin with these two simple steps.


The first step towards flawlessness is concealer. The Fièra Cosmetics Luxury Concealer is made with active ingredients to help heal your skin while also giving you fabulous coverage. The active ingredients, which includes sodium hyaluronate, lecithin, vitamin C, vitamin E, hydrolyzed collagen, and haloxyl, work together to protect your skin while also restoring your dewy, youthful glow. Plus, this concealer never settles into fine lines or wrinkles. Rather, it sits on top of your skin, providing you with the best coverage possible. 

“I have been extremely happy with the concealer. It does a fabulous job of covering age spots and fine lines. I am in the process of ordering the neck cream because I have been so happy with the results from the concealer. The attached picture shows half of my face without any foundation and the other half with the Fièra concealer. I think it’s pretty easy to tell which is which. I will be 67 in April.” – Patricia B.

The Fièra Cosmetics Concealer is available in five different shades. If you would prefer to wear it to cover up any dark circles underneath your eyes, select a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. If you would prefer to wear it to cover up any blemishes, select a shade which is closest to your skin tone. 

Setting Powder

After you’ve applied your concealer, the next and final step for flawless skin is setting powder. Not only will this hold your concealer in place, but it will also give you a clean, matte finish. The Fièra Cosmetics HD Matte Finishing Powder is designed to do exactly that – and it’s made for mature skin. In addition, this setting powder can also absorb excess oil and is made with all-natural ingredients.

“Love the powder. It does put a glow own your face to a younger look to your skin and doesn’t set in your wrinkles. A big plus!” – Theresa M.

Fièra Cosmetics also offers a brush specifically designed to help you apply these products. Flawless skin is just two steps away! Check out the Fièra Cosmetics blog to learn more tips and tricks for feeling and looking good later in life.

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