Understanding the Importance of Texture in Skincare Products

Understanding the Importance of Texture in Skincare Products

When you’re getting ready for your day whether it be a normal Monday or a grand occasion, you should be ready with the best beauty routine that you can manage in the time that you have.

Some time-sensitive routines call for only one product, but, ideally, you should

 leave enough time in your morning to use at least two products, each with a different texture to them.

What’s a product’s texture, though? Think of it as the type of product you’re using. Is it a powder? A thicker liquid? Something you spray on? These are all considered different textures of skincare products and each has its own use.

What’s the Difference Between a Moisturizer and a Serum?

A moisturizer is typically a thicker product, sort of like a cream. This is because moisturizers can be thought of as a sort of congealed oil that you put on your skin. The oil is typically mixed with water to promote a smoother spreading experience.

Moisturizers can also have vitamins added to them in order to promote certain effects such as reducing fine lines or eliminating free radicals.

Serums are much thinner than moisturizers, and they tend to be a collection of various active ingredients that promote your skin’s health. While moisturizers’ primary goal is to moisturize your skin, serums are more concerned with traveling deep into the layers of your skin to deliver their active ingredients.

You apply serums before you apply moisturizers in order to ensure that the most amount of the serum as possible is able to penetrate your skin.

Why Should I Use Different Textures?

As we explored above, different textures of products imply different effects. 

Something that is thick most likely has some sort of moisturizing effect or is intended to cover something up with pigment. 

If you wanted a lip gloss, for example, you wouldn’t want one that’s too watery or it may get smudged or come off easier. The reason why nail polish can be so liquidy is that it’s not being held to dry at an angle like your lips are.

In the same way, you wouldn’t want a serum or a perfume that’s too thick because it wouldn’t spray very well.

These same theories apply in makeup. You want your makeup to have the ideal texture, and it also leads to a more natural effect if you find a way to combine textures that match with your skin. That way, each texture is able to serve a different purchase.

Thicker products, for example, tend to sit on top of the skin without sinking into fine lines and wrinkles. This is ideal for a concealer, which should be thick when plaed on aging skin.

On the other hand, serum tends to be thinner and thus can reach deeper parts of your skin, making it ideal for sinking into your skin and tightening it.

What’s the Best Combo of Textures?

You should have an even spread of textures in your skincare routine! This ensures that you have a nice mix of products doing different things for your skin so that you get the results you want.

Fièra understands the need for products that work together and a routine that utilizes different textures to give women the improvement that they want in their skin. 

The need for products that meld well and are varied in texture is why we developed our Skincare Bundle, which is where you can purchase three of our must-have products for healthy skin all in one place for a discounted price!
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