What Are Our customers Really Saying About Our Apple Cream

What Are Our customers Really Saying About Our Apple Cream

Of course, we believe in the power of our Apple Cream, but it means more that our customers love it too and can see lasting results in their efforts to increase their skin care. 

With 415 reviews at an average of 4.6/5 stars, the Fièra Cosmetics Apple Stem Cell Cream remains a staple best seller.  

The Reviews

Here are some recent reviews that really encompass the ability of the Apple Stem Cell Cream.

“I Love it and would highly recommend it and I have tried many products.

I love all your products and looking forward to trying the serum next.” – Mary J. (verified buyer)

“I have been using these products [Fièra concealer and moisturizer] for about 3 months. I absolutely love them. I will be 70 in November and my skin looks great. I feel confident using these products and knowing that my skin looks radiant and the deep lines are definitely minimized. The concealer looks small, but it goes a long way. I bought when it was buy 2 and get 3rd free. I’m still using the same order. I will continue using Fièra products. They make my skin feel good and look good.” – Cheryl R. (verified reviewer)

“Absorbs well, light feeling and works well under concealer.” – Robin F. (verified buyer)

“I love the way this goes on so smoothly, and covers so well. Your skin doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. And it has a wonderful texture to it. Will get it again.” – Colleen T. (verified buyer)

“Love this cream for restoring a smooth, supple texture to my skin. Not greasy feeling this cream sinks onto your skin for a non-greasy glow. I also love the serum for an extra boost to fade dark spots and bring back the look of my younger skin. Thank you Fièra for creating wonderful products for mature skin!” – Charlotte O. (verified buyer)

What Makes it a Best Seller

There are a few reasons why the Fièra Cosmetics Apple Stem Cell Cream is a best seller.

For starters, it does not take a lot of product to see reasonable results. Just adding this cream to your morning and nighttime skin care routines can encourage a chance in your skin’s health.

Likewise, it is hydrating without being greasy or sitting on top of the skin. Instead, the skin easily absorbs the cream and leaves your face feeling soft and smooth.

This is all because of the fabulous active ingredients that the moisturizer.

The active ingredients include sea buckthorn oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, and apple stem cells. With these ingredients, the cream is able to restore your youthful glow, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and protected.

Fièra Cosmetics is also an all-natural company.

Fièra is non-GMO, paraben-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

Plus, we offer free worldwide shipping and a 30 day, no risk, money back guarantee for all customers. 

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