What Glycolic Acid Does to Naturally Aid Your Skin

What Glycolic Acid Does to Naturally Aid Your Skin

You might not read the list of ingredients in any given skincare product and are probably intimidated by these complicated-sounding compounds. You might even stop to consider if they are safe, and which ones to keep an eye out for. That’s what we’re here for. In this article, we’ll break down one of the most popular ingredients in the world of skincare: glycolic acid. 

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is a compound derived from sugar cane and falls in the family of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). Because it is soluble by water, it’s able to act as a skincare solution for many of the most common skin care needs. For example, it is a natural exfoliant and will encourage quicker cell turnover, assisting with the shedding of dead skin cells and boosting collagen production. 


While collagen production slows with age, collagen production can be stimulated by other sources. With the increase of collagen production, your skin’s elasticity, hydration, and plumpness will increase. 


Cell turnover can also assist with skin brightening. The newness of the skin cells will naturally appear as a brighter complexion. Likewise, glycolic acid can help with signs of sun damage. 

Is too much a bad thing?

Unlike some other chemical compounds found in the world of skincare, like retinol, glycolic acid is not necessarily a danger to your skin if you use it frequently. Of course, if you over-exfoliate you run the risk of damaging the outer layer of your skin, so be gentle with your exfoliation. If a product has a low percentage of glycolic acid, it is probably safe to use every day in your normal skincare routine. If a product has a higher percentage of glycolic acid, try to use it every other day instead. 


Unlike retinol, glycolic acid does not make your skin more susceptible to sun damage, so you can use it in the morning if desired. To get more guided advice about your specific skin care product, talk to your dermatologist. 


Is it Anti-Aging?

Yes, glycolic acid does help with anti-aging. Glycolic acid is used to help ease fine lines and wrinkles, and to make your skin appear brighter, fuller, stronger, and newer. 


That said, glycolic acid is also safe for younger folks as well. Fighting sun damage can be necessary for any age. Plus, helping your skin feel and look the best it can be is timeless. 

Where can you find it?

Glycolic acid is being used in an array of different skincare products. You might find it in a moisturizer, a serum, a toner, a cleanser, any face mask, or any product that is built to naturally exfoliate. 


For example, Fièra Cosmetics utilizes the power of glycolic acid in the popular product, the Fièra Anti-Aging Neck Cream. Paired with other active ingredients such as shea butter, willow bark extract, glycerin, green tea extract, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, and squalene, the Anti-Aging Neck Cream helps firm, hydrate, and smooth the skin on your neck. 


To learn more about skincare products that can help you feel like your best self, visit the Fièra Cosmetics blog

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