Why are Women so Scared of Aging?

Once upon a time, getting older was cool. Do you remember being a child and wishing you were older? Old enough to do things that adults were allowed to do? The autonomy of being an adult was so mesmerizing. And then you crossed that threshold and suddenly all you wanted was to be young again. It’s the “grass is always greener” phenomenon. There is an intrinsic fear about aging that does not come naturally. For preservation’s sake, you might have a natural fear of dying, but the fear of aging is something you learned along the way.


Well, traditionally speaking, women are taught to be extremely focused on appearances. Beauty brands pry on the insecurities of women by selling products that will “fix” them as if anything was ever “broken” in the first place. Perhaps you have been told that you are not thin enough, too thin, not tall enough, or too tall. Maybe you’ve heard your smile is not ideal, you don’t have the prettiest eyes or the best hair. And suddenly companies offer products to solve those “problems”. Rather than promoting self-love and inclusive beauty standards, we are all expected to fit into one tiny box that is the accepted form of beauty. 

While these “flaws” are easier to mask when you are a young adult, they become more and more difficult to cover as you age. You begin to see your body shift in a way that does not fall into the accepted beauty standard, and it is harder to hide. Social media and beauty brands will make you feel like you are not worthy because you do not have the body and face of a 25-year-old. It is toxic, and it is wrong.

What’s So Scary?

Growing older can be scary in a few ways that are completely understandable. Perhaps you fear that you will not have the energy or muscle mass to do the regular activities and hobbies you enjoy. Perhaps you fear the day that you can no longer drive or the day that you lose your balance and endure an injury. There can be a lot of anxiety that comes along with aging that we do not talk about enough. After living autonomously for decades, the fear, stress, and depression that can arise when you feel like you cannot operate without assistance can be frightening. Perhaps you fear no longer being desired or you fear being alone. These are all perfectly understandable reasons for someone to fear aging. But there is a distinct added component for many women: the fear of growing unattractive.

It might sound superficial, but many women were taught to fear the gray hair, the wrinkles, and the sagging skin. They were taught that those marks of a life well-lived are not to be celebrated. Taught that they will no longer be desired or attractive by society’s standards. This is constantly reinforced by beauty brands, TV, social media, and likely, their community. 

How To Practice Self-Love

One way to combat a cosmetic fear of aging is to practice self-love. If you do feel more confident when you dye your hair or use anti-aging cream, absolutely go for it. But do not think that you need to get botox, fillers, or tummy tucks for the sake of looking youthful. When you practice self-love, you will begin to appreciate every part of your body, because it brought you to this moment. When you treat your body well and embrace the pro-age mindset, you begin to see how beautiful and capable you truly are, no matter your age.

Another tip to love yourself is to always wear what you want and take care of yourself! Look after your habits and personal hygiene, wear the funny hats and do the crazy makeup looks that you were too embarrassed to try as a young adult.

When you look great, you’ll feel great. The Fièra luxury concealer is designed to enhance your natural features and make your skin look smooth and glossy. When you try it on, remember that it’s all about enjoying your skincare, and feeling gorgeous, at every age.

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