YES, Mature Women CAN Use Powder

YES, Mature Women CAN Use Powder

There are a lot of myths that circle in the media regarding mature skincare and what women can or cannot do or use as they age.

We’re here to dispel that myth.

Why Powder Works

Some women are of the belief that they cannot use powder makeup products because they will not sit on their skin well.

Generally speaking, powder products can mesh better with skin that is on the oily side, because the powder is able to absorb excess oil. For most people, the older you get, the less oily your skin is. Hence the belief that mature women cannot use powder makeup products. 

Well, we’re here to tell you that that is false.

Sure, your skin might produce less oil when you age, but there are powder products out there that are designed specifically with mature skin in mind.

For example, the Fièra Cosmetics HD Matte Finishing Powder is designed for older women.

Made with all-natural, active ingredients, this finishing powder will give you a complete, blended look without sticking to dry patches or looking unnatural.

(If your skin does produce more oil, it can still absorb that too.)

Made with silica, zea mays starch, lauroyl lysine, and oryza sativa starch, the HD Matte Finishing Powder can diminish signs of blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles, and provides you with long-lasting coverage.

Embracing Makeup Trends

Don’t let age stand in the way of your potential.

When a new trend comes around that you want to try, go for it!

Thinking that you have to “dress your age” or “curb your style because of your age,” you’re keeping yourself down. Without compensating too far in the other direction, embrace the style and look that makes you feel the most confident.

Explore different makeup looks, try new things, and take charge of your preferences.

If you love throwing on a pop of color, don’t let age keep you down. Use that bright lipstick you’ve always wanted to wear. Try that smokey eyeshadow that makes you feel glamorous. What works for you is up to you. 

The Pro-Age Movement

There’s an exciting movement happening right now in the world of aging:

The pro-age movement.

To combat ageism in every sphere of life – ageism in the workplace, in the world of beauty and wellness, ageism in healthcare, and in dating – the pro-age movement promotes inclusion and empowerment for mature individuals.

Rather than feeling like you have to race against the clock, you have the opportunity to embrace where you are today, and be the best version of yourself at this moment.

Taking all the life experience you’ve accumulated, you can choose to show up as your best self and make a difference in your own life.

With the help of companies like Fièra Cosmetics, you can feel good and look good no matter your age. To learn more about Fièra Cosmetics, click here

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