How to Avoid Makeup Meltdown - 4 Easy Steps

How to Avoid Makeup Meltdown - 4 Easy Steps

Just picture it, you’re halfway through your day and you glance in the mirror. Your makeup is smudged or fading and you have no time for touch ups. We’ve all been there.

Makeup meltdown occurs when products begin to wear off during the day — but, fortunately, makeup meltdown is preventable. Knowing how your products work with your skin can help you keep them in place. 

By learning just a few tips and tricks you can make sure your morning makeup routine is the only one you need.

The Four Steps to Stress-Free Skincare

Nowadays many cosmetic products are touted as “long-lasting” or made for all day wear. However, even these can shift and melt away throughout the day without proper technique. Changing a few aspects of your makeup regimen, beginning with these four tips, can help you maintain any kind of makeup look with little to no touch ups.

  1. Prep your skin to achieve a natural, moisturized base that makeup can adhere to. 

Products such as serums and moisturizers can help to plump skin and “prime the canvas” for other products you plan to apply. These really help to unite your skin with the products you apply, locking in the look. You can even go so far as to apply a primer, a product specifically formulated to help makeup adhere to skin and continue to look radiant throughout the day.  

  1. Use products made for your skin type, texture and all. 

Just because mature skin may have more texture or require more moisturizer does not mean it is any less deserving of quality products that enhance its natural beauty. Fièra Luxury Concealer and HD Matte Finishing Powder are specifically formulated to interact with mature skin without flaking off throughout the day.

  1. Less is more; apply your makeup in thin layers to achieve the desired look. 

When using good quality makeup products formulated for your skin type, you may find that a little bit goes a long way. If you build on thick, you may notice a cakier look that could smear or run at the first sign of sweat. Gentle application with specialized makeup brushes helps you to achieve a sheer, even coating of your product. 

  1. Set it for the day so that it doesn’t budge or melt away. 

Finishing off your routine with a gentle dusting of HD Matte Finishing Powder is the best way to avoid meltdown. Not only does the powder help to lock your other products in place and absorb oils throughout your day, it also blurs any last imperfections, completing your perfect regimen. Just be sure to gently tap on with a Finishing Powder Brush, rather than rubbing it on with fingers or a brush, as this can rub other products away.

Start with our Beauty Basics

Anyone can become a makeup guru when combining our easy-to-use products made especially for mature skin. These four basics not only help you to avoid makeup meltdown with formulas specialized for your skin, but come together perfectly to create a balanced regimen that covers all your bases. 

The Fièra Beauty Basics include our best selling Luxury Concealer and HD Matte Finishing Powder along with two brushes, perfect for applying these high-quality products. Each makeup item is easy to apply and lasts all day. Though perfectly suited to stand alone and simply buff out blemishes, they also serve as a meltdown-free base for more maximalist looks. 

Beauty basics are the perfect way to enhance your natural features, blurring imperfections and letting your true beauty shine through. Try our All-In-One solution today!

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