Why the Summertime Makes or Breaks Your Skin's Look

Why the Summertime Makes or Breaks Your Skin's Look

Summer comes with days in the sunshine, the chance to warm your skin for the first time in months, and maybe even a trip to sit on a beach and let go of all of your worries.

But, in the midst of this easy breezy season, it can be easy to forget about your skincare routine.

Summer is a time when your skin needs just as much if not more care than other times of the year. For a number of reasons, summer weather and activities can make your skin even healthier, or worse, lead to more wrinkles and age spots

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to maintain your skin throughout the summer months, and Fièra is here to help.

Here are some things to look out for that could make or break your skin this summer.


Summer is the best time to take a break from your usual day to day and take a trip to relax. The perfect weather makes the beach a top choice, though you may be a go getter and opt for an action packed trip.

Whether your trip is a relaxing break from reality or an opportunity to see the world, it’s easy to let your skincare fall to the wayside.

When we shift our routines, even for a leisurely vacation, it’s harder to keep up with our typical practices.

Don’t let a change in your routine allow you to let go of self care and eliminate your skincare routine. Instead, look at a vacation as an opportunity to ramp up your self care and really improve your skin this summer.

Fièra recommends our Beauty Basics Set for travel. All components are TSA compliant and this perfect combo of products hits every mark for a well-rounded routine on vacation.


Humidity is in the air during the summer, and it can have a major effect on your skin. Just like you may notice drying and increase in wrinkles during the winter, humidity during the summer can increase your skin’s hydration leading to plumper, younger looking skin.

Don’t let this fool you.

It is still essential to keep up that skincare routine so that that gorgeous skin sticks around through the winter as well.

Try out ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin to draw in moisture from the air, found in our Luxury Concealer.

If you’re concerned about the dewy appearance that excess humidity can cause, look to our HD Matte Finishing Powder that helps to blur imperfections and leave skin smooth and matte.


While we typically think of winter as the season that dries out our skin leading to more wrinkles, in summer this is true in a different way. 

This season, you tend to get way more sun exposure due to extended time spent outside and fewer layers of clothing to protect you.

In addition, according to the EPA, the intensity of UV rays is highest during the summer, and these rays can cause harmful sun damage without consistent protection from an SPF. 

Sun exposure can cause a painful burn but even worse, it can lead to sun spots, prematurely wrinkled skin, and even skin cancer. Using a good SPF every day can help you to avoid dangerous UV rays and premature aging that can come from sun exposure,

Consistency is Key

Even though the summer months come with challenges that may draw you away from your typical routine, it is vital to be consistent with your skincare.

This season introduces new factors that can impact your skin’s health even more than the shoulder seasons so be sure to keep up with products that preserve your skin’s health.

The Fièra Beauty Basics are a great place to start.

This package includes our two essentials, the Luxury Concealer and the HD Matte Finishing Powder along with the perfect brush for applying each.

Not only do these together help to blur away imperfections and blemishes, they are packed with important ingredients that get to the base of issues experienced by those of us with mature skin. 

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